HRO Today Association Conference

September 12, 2019
Convene at Commerce Square
2001 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

The HRO Today Association Conference is an industry conference and training retreat for HR services and technology providers, analysts, and practitioners working in or with a services partner. In addition, the 2019 North America winners of the HRO Today Association’s annual awards will be announced during a special reception.

The Conference is an opportunity for human resource professionals, HR services/technology providers, and analysts to meet in person for structured learning, networking, and best practice sharing. Providers and practitioners will discuss the execution of initiatives addressing pressing issues in the service and technology industry. Sessions will discuss, refine and create standards and practices in talent management, talent acquisition, outsourcing, and employee relations and services.

The HRO Today Association Conference is open to both members and non-members!


Speakers include:

Elliot Clark

HRO Today &
Debbie Bolla
Editorial Director
HRO Today
Zachary Misko

HRO Today Association
Larry Basinait
Vice President – Market Research
HRO Today Magazine
Johnny Campbell
CEO & Co-founder 
Dr. Beverly Kaye 
Author & CEO 
BevK & Co.
  Debbie Kemp
Chief Talent Officer


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Congratulations to the 2019 HRO Today Association Awards Finalists:

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NEW FOR 2019: Be seen as a leader as we work together to elevate the standards and practices in HR! Sponsors can support the development of an industry-wide Standard of Ethics and Performance. Contact Renee Preston for details!

HRO Today brings together leading HR thought leaders, practitioners, and providers from around the globe to share best practices and build relationships that improve the services of HR. See what past attendees of HRO Today events have said:

“The question I judge a conference by is, ‘Was my time invested well, am I getting an ROI on it?’ And I can definitely say the HRO Today Forum provides a return on my investment.”
—Carol Robinette, VP of Talent Management, American Red Cross

“The key thing here is peers speaking off the record, and the conversations with each other are really things that are valuable at the HRO Today Forum.”
—Peter Cappelli, Director of the Center for Human Resources, The Wharton School

“At the HRO Today Forum, you have a lot of people who are really sharing thoughts and ideas to move our industry forward.”
—John Wilson, CEO, WilsonHCG

“Just like doctors can be their own worst patients, HR practitioners can sometimes forget that they need to be their own self-rejuvenating referral source, and the HRO Today Forum gives us a great platform for it.”
—Karen Feeney, Senior HR Operations Manager, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“The HRO Today Forum gives us a direct opportunity to connect with CHROs, talent acquisition leaders, really high caliber individuals who are changing the future of our industry.”
—Kristin Wright, CMO, Cielo