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Managing Culture, Communication, and the Employee Experience in Times of Change

The past year has been one for the history books: a global pandemic has disrupted work as we knew it, and a move to remote work affected companies large and small. No corner of the globe has been spared from upheaval.

Workers suffered increasing anxieties as they balanced working from home and keeping up with their responsibilities, making it especially critical to pay attention to employee engagement to ensure a productive workforce. Employee engagement, which seemed like an exciting concept at the beginning of the last decade, is now an obvious business goal. There is an urgent need to elevate company culture or risk losing top talent.

As the promise of large-scale vaccination programs come to fruition, companies are now grappling with the realities of transitioning their workforce back into the office. But the question is not when to bring everyone back, but how to use this opportunity to create a workplace that allows everyone to collaborate, focus, learn, socialize, and grow.

Most job functions don’t require employees to be at work every day physically. And the newer generations employees are taking full advantage of it.

Now that more than 60% of millennials and Gen-Zs prefer the option to work remotely more often, it’s clear that pre-pandemic employee experiences will never come back again. Working from home, flexible times and hybrid workplaces are here to stay. But this doesn’t mean that the traditional office experience is dead, it simply means that employee needs are evolving. Whether your employees are working remotely, on site, or within a combination of both, delivering experiences that keep your people engaged is critically important.

HRO Today’s 2021 Employee Engagement Summit will discuss how organizations have adapted their engagement and communication strategies to meet the needs and demands of the workforce in these volatile and uncertain times. Join our expert faculty as they discuss why the core drivers of engagement have radically shifted and how to rethink corporate culture to create a sense of belonging for employees across different locations, generations and cultural backgrounds.

Session Topics Include:

  • Implementing recognition and total rewards strategies
  • Managing employee health and wellbeing
  • The impacts of diversity and inclusion in employee engagement
  • Leveraging flexibility to retain talent
  • Promoting Work-Life Integration
  • Sustaining organizational culture in the age of hybrid workplaces
  • Building a successful digital employee experience (DEX)
  • Using data and analytics to inform engagement strategies

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Join us virtually at the 2021 Engagement & Retention Summit.



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Don’t miss this opportunity!

Join us virtually at the 2021 Engagement & Retention Summit.

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