Screening & Selection

2009 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Top Screening Providers

 We rank the leading providers, explore market trends, and analyze best-practice case studies.

In last year’s annual examination of the outsourced employment screening market, we adopted a new approach in compiling the list. Before 2008, we relied on industry input to determine the biggest vendors in this segment, but we discovered that this was not a reliable indicator

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Ferreting Out The Fakers

Checking references (and a whole lot more) during tough times.
By Theresa B. Mack and Anna Wermuth
Board of director and executive officer candidates will be subject to heightened public scrutiny if the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) proposed amendments for increased disclosure requirements are adopted. Responding to events in the financial markets during the past 18 months, the SEC seeks to provide shareholders with additional information that will enhance voting and investment decisions

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Cruise Control

 Ocean liners need watertight background checks. Outsourcing can be a life preserver.
By Russ Banham
Planning a trip on board Royal Caribbean Cruises this winter? If so, you can rest assured during your travels that the onboard personnel will be as ship-shape as the ocean liner itself. That’s because the Royal Caribbean employes have been thoroughly vetted for past criminal activity and drug use via a successful, durable, and multi-faceted recruitment process outsourcing engagement

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How the Downturn Catalyzes Screening’s Evolution

 A decrease in hiring volume has screening providers thinking about the future. Improvements and innovation are in the forecast.
By Debbie Bolla
Ask Dr. Grant Goold, program director and department chair of EMS education at American River College, his thoughts on the recession of 2009 and he’d most likely answer, what recession? That’s mainly due to the fact that enrollment at the Sacramento-based community college is running more than 15 percent beyond capacity

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Convergys-Textron Webinar

May 20 2009 – 2:00pm
May 20 2009 – 3:00pm

Improving HR effectiveness through reduced payroll and operating costs while providing consistent service support are key objectives of Textron’s global HR strategy.

To achieve these goals, Textron enlisted Convergys to implement an HR shared-services business model covering benefits, payroll and administration, and case management.

Attendees will learn how to select an HRO services provider and how to maintain a successful partnership. And lessons learned from this HRO initiative and implementation of a shared-services organization structure can help attendees reduce their firms’ operating costs while increasing HR’s organizational flexibility and effectiveness.

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International Hiring Faces Overseas Screening Issues

With the global economy struggling, candidates’ tendency to embellish their resumes may be on the rise.
by Mark Braund and Wayne Tollemache
To remain competitive in today’s global economy, many U.S. companies have either expanded overseas or will in the future. Multinational companies and local companies hiring foreign nationals face numerous challenges when they are conducting background and pre-employment checks.

With an economic crisis and unemployment rates rising worldwide, applicants have a greater impetus to embellish or falsify information on their applications, and employers need to scrutinize applicants more carefully than ever. At the same time, shrinking budgets and layoffs are leaving HR professionals with less support and resources to perform this task.

A clear and comprehensive policy on background checks and pre-employment screening is imperative for all companies hiring abroad. This is an additional challenge because corporation-wide screening policies should be tailored to take into account overseas screening regulations and data access, both of which can be surprisingly complex between countries and regions. Some key regulatory screening differences between the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) include the availability of financial and criminal data and privacy issues surrounding their use. This data can be much less readily available in EMEA and Asia-Pacific countries where employers need to follow strict processes to access that information.

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HRO Today’s Winners’ Circle

Looking for a service provider? Here are readers leading vendors.
by HROT Staff
Employers searching for outsourced service providers have a lot of choices—so much so that sometimes the selection process may be overwhelming. Over the years, HRO Today has provided guidance through our Baker’s Dozen and Top Providers listings, which rank providers based on quality of service, breadth of service, and size of deals. These appear in various issues throughout the year: learning outsourcing in the January/February issue (see p. 33); relocation in the May issue; recruitment in the July/August issue; recognition in the September issue; and screening in the November issue. To help buyers more easily find the top vendors, we’ve compiled a listing of the top three for each domain. Although by no means should you limit your considerations to only the ones listed here, we hope this compilation will at least help serve as a starting point. Be sure to check our web site ( for the full listing of top providers for each domain.
Provider: Prudential Relocation, Inc.
Number of Relocations in 2007: 45,000
Ranking: No. 1
Web Address:
Description: Prudential Relocation is a full-service global mobility management firm with clients including global Fortune 500 companies, smaller companies, and U.S. government agencies. Prudential Relocation, operating as Pricoa Relocation in Asia and Europe, has locations in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

Provider: Cartus
Number of Relocations in 2007: 132,000
Ranking: No. 2
Web Address:
Description: Cartus serves the corporate, military, government, and affinity markets with outsourcing, consulting, language, and intercultural training and
mobility management support.

Provider: Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. (WRRI)
Number of Relocations in 2007: 28,750
Ranking: No. 3
Web Address:
Description: Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. (WRRI) offers best-practice services for relocation and assignment management for some of the world’s largest companies to help them avoid inventory, increase employee home sales, enhance mobile workforce management, and reduce program costs.

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Shedding Light on Outsourced Screening

When REC Solar faced growing pains from strong demand of its solar panel products, HR turned to an integrated solution that made the hiring process light years better.

by Russ Banham

With energy costs spiraling upward across the country, many businesses and consumers are turning to solar energy as an affordable and “greener” alternative than buildings powered by more traditional forms of electricity. The growing trend toward renewable sources of power is fueling explosive growth at companies that install solar panels.  Among these is REC Solar, Inc., based in San Luis Obispo, CA.

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Top Outsourced Screening Services Provider

Employment screening service buyers rank their providers based on quality, scope, and breadth of service.

by HROT Staff

Life is full of ironies. In our annual examination of the outsourced employment screening market, we adopted a new approach this year in compiling the list. In the past, we relied on industry input to determine the biggest vendors in this segment, and what we discovered was that this was not a reliable indicator. So when we decided to ask buyers about their outsourcing experience, we figured they would be a more independent group of judges.

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In Screening Marketplace, Employers Look for Turnkey

Integrated solutions incorporating technology and multiple lines of service come together to help speed up the hiring process and offer access to data.

by Andy Teng

Want to find cutting-edge practitioners of outsourced screening services? Catch a flight out to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and then hop on a 15-minute cab ride to the western suburb of Addison, IL, home to Chamberlain College of Nursing. There you’ll find Vickie Mudra, the college’s national director of strategic alliances, feeling much more assured of her organization’s student screening efforts since they were outsourced under an integrated program.

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