Performance Management & Rewards

2007 Resource Guide

The Fifth annual largest and most authoritative listing of HR service providers.

by HROT Staff

In today’s HRO market, there are lots of vendors to choose from, and the HRO Today 2007 Resource Guide is solid proof of this. With more than 1,000 providers serving 18 categories, HR professionals have a variety of solutions that meet their functional, cost, and geographical needs. The selection process can be overwhelming indeed.

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Getting Strategic in HR with Employee Recognition Efforts

Effective and enduring employee recognition can only occur when aligned with corporate strategy and business practices.

by Roy Saunderson

Perhaps because of its people-focused energies and past transactional mindset in delivering employee services, employee recognition has typically been owned and often relegated to the HR department. But with greater presence of HR executives in the boardroom and with an aging employee market, there is good reason for employee recognition and rewards being utilized as a more strategic tool in attracting and retaining today’s shrinking workforce. So it might be good to ask if you even have a rewards and recognition strategy.

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Automating Global Recognition

Chemical giant utilizes Globoforce for worldwide employee incentive and recognition.

by Barrie Locke, Ripple Effect Communications

Dow Chemical, a $40 billion leader in the chemical, plastic, and agricultural products industries, has long valued employee recognition as a critical component of HR. It runs hundreds of different recognition programs across the world, but company leaders had a vision for one consistent global program, a non-cash recognition program based on a gift certificate model that would have frequency of awards and encourage a recognition culture among employees worldwide.

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The Baker’s Dozen—Recognition

The Top 13 providers of employee recognition outsourcing.

by HROT Staff

This is our second year offering a Baker’s Dozen of employee recognition and incentive outsourcing providers. Traditionally, incentive providers were limited to delivering corporate awards, fitness and wellness rewards, food and entertainment compensation, retail gifts, or travel awards. But in the past three years, we have seen a transformation in the full-service employee recognition market, with providers offering so much more.

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The Baker’s Dozen—Recognition Feature: Ending the Great Debate

Why the best managed companies are using non-cash rewards to motivate, retain, and engage employees. Studies support workers are more engaged when the prize is other than money.

by Edward L. Ford, Vice President of Total Recognition, Michael C. Fina

There is perhaps no subject more debated by incentive program providers and their clients than the value of tangible, non-cash incentives versus cash.

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The Baker’s Dozen—Recognition Case Study:Employee Incentive Safety Program

Rim Hospitality safeguards employees at the workplace with help from Springbok Services.

by Sheri Duval, Director of client services, Springbok Services, Inc.

With more than 20 hotel and boutique properties totaling nearly 4,000 rooms, Rim Hospitality has a reputation as one of the most respected hotel property management services companies. It offers full-service management of hotel, resort, and boutique properties and is affiliated with several national brands including Preferred Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Hilton, AmeriSuites, Radisson, Courtyard, Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, and others.

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HRO and the City

Thousands gather annually in New York in the spring to get more than an academic discussion of outsourcing at NY HR Week. They get down and dirty with buyers, providers, and other industry thought leaders in an all-out, two-day HRO festival.

by HROT Staff

How do you capture and keep the attention of some 4,000 high-level HR professionals for two days? Try sending them to HRO World as this year’s NY HR Week, which encompasses HRO World, drew a record number of attendees and exhibitors.

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Boeing’s Recognition Runway

How do you keep 153,000 employees engaged? How do you reengineer a process in a company chock full of engineers? Boeing’s employee recognition solution sets some new standards for scope, scale, and savvy.

by Jay Whitehead

By now, Boeing’s Jacqueline Coulter has heard all the “noise” jokes. You see, of her 21 years at the company, she has spent nine in the aerospace giant’s “noise engineering” department. Now she manages HR. Just don’t tell her that she traded one type of “noise” for another. She won’t laugh.

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HRO World 2006: Looking Back, Looking Forward

HRO World’s chairman looks back at HRO World 2003-2005 and helps us look forward to 2006.

by Jay Whitehead

April 26 and 27 will represent either the last HRO World Conference in New York City of which I will be chairman, or not.

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New Research Shows Link Between Recognition and Retention

The vast majority of companies with formal retention plans were likely to keep turnover among mid-level managers to five percent or less, according to a report from the Aberdeen Group. The findings were derived from an online survey of 170 human resources professionals conducted by the Human Capital Institute.

The results point to a widespread movement to keep talent in a fragile marketplace. A large majority of HR pros participating in the study—85 percent—said hiring and keeping talent was a key issue for them. A thorough review of financial data performed by Aberdeen showed that the average cost of replacing staff—measured in terms of disruptions in customer service, production, and direct HR costs—was $13,295. Executives, naturally, commanded a higher premium, identified by Aberdeen as $80,515 per hire.

These and other key findings in the report will be the topics of discussion when Dr. Katherine Jones of Aberdeen hosts a Rideau-sponsored webinar on February 22 at 11:00 a.m. central time. Jones leads Aberdeen’s Human Capital Management practice. Find out more about the webinar by visiting 

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