Enabling Technology

It is unmistakable that the HR technology industry has been revolutionized. Cloud-based HR systems are now available from many of the largest vendors in the market. These systems integrate payroll, HRMS, talent management and analytics processing into a single cloud-based service. Many HR leaders are challenged with mobile tools and new social recruiting systems that are making many of the legacy HR systems obsolete.

2006 TECH TRENDS: Leveraging Technology in HR Transformation

Bringing the iPod “experience to HR could make things fun again. Our panel of expert techies reflect on the impact and pitfalls of technology on the department.

by Andy Teng

Naomi Lee Bloom (NB) is the managing partner of Bloom & Wallace and a recognized leader in the HRM delivery system (HRMDS) sector. She works as a change agent and HRMDS planning coach for large corporate clients, as an advisor to HRM software and services vendors on business strategy and product/service design, and as a provider of competitive insight and due diligence services to the investment community.

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Using Metrics to Determine the Nature of HR Activities

Measured results don’t always offer a complete picture of whether an outsourced activity completely meets the client’s needs.(Part V was run out of order in the December issue.)

by Naomi Lee Bloom

After having read the previous columns in this series, you’ve got a metrics spreadsheet with the HRM domain model—mine or yours—arrayed as the columns and the metrics taxonomy—again using mine or yours—arrayed as the rows. Now we have to decide which actual metrics to use, along with their target values and the time periods, across which we’ll bud-get/forecast and then measure them. Before you conclude that I’m even zanier than you’ve heard, rest assured that you are not going to fill in all or even most of the cells. We could do that, but the effort would far outweigh the benefits, and we would have turned analysis paralysis into an art form.

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The Travel Traders’ Ten HRO Lessons Learned

Our suggestions to other mid-market organizations considering HR BPO.

by Jody Wyrsch

To understand Travel Traders’ decision to outsource to an HR BPO, I first need to explain a little bit about the history of our company. In many ways, it all started with a date very familiar to everyone: September 11, 2001. Prior to this day, WHSmith, one of the U.K.’s leading retail groups, employed many individuals—who were later hired by Travel Traders, which hadn’t come into existence yet.

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Unearthing Meaningful Metrics

Go beyond surface indicators to reveal root cause for HRO successes and failures.

by Naomi Lee Bloom

We’re almost there. After examining the complexities of metrics in previous columns, in this issue we present definitions and examples for the rest of the HRM metrics taxonomy. With these definitions and your metrics spreadsheet, you’re ready to do a baseline assessment of the state of your current HRM policies, programs, and practices, as well as of your current HRM delivery system (HRMDS). These cover not only the traditional terms of costs and volumes but also the far more meaningful terms of business outcomes. If you’re planning to outsource one or more processes or move aggressively to comprehensive HRM BPO, beware the service level agreement that focuses only on costs and volumes, error rates, turnaround times, etc., and doesn’t commit your provider to helping you achieve your business outcomes.

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Aetna Selects CitiStreet For Certain Human Resources Services

Partnership Marks Benefit Provider’s Expansion Into HR Contact Service


QUINCY, Mass., Nov. 2, 2005 – Aetna Inc., one of the nation’s leading providers of health care benefits, has selected CitiStreet to provide certain human resources services and health and welfare administration, it was announced today.

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Lies, Damns Lies, and Metrics, Apologies To Mark Twain (Part III)

Heavy analytical “lifting” may provide best return for your efforts to improve HR processes.

by Naomi Lee Bloom

In my September column, I introduced the importance and use of metrics in the running of the HRM business and its HRM delivery system (HRMDS) as well as in the service-level agreements for any outsourced HRM process(es) or part of the HRMDS. The October column introduced an HRM domain model to provide a precise and consistent terminology for those HRM processes when discussing HRM and HRMDS metrics (or any other aspect of or delivery method for HRM). Having now set up your metrics spreadsheet, as recommended in the last column, with the domain model defining the columns, we can now set up the rows.

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Getting Two (or More) for the Price of One

Payroll data provides a fulcrum for harmonizing HR and business effectiveness across the organization

by Phil Fersht

HR data is the fulcrum of any business. The ability to have real-time, integrated information about staff profiles and performance, compensation, and location is paramount to providing management with crucial information to make decisions.

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Trading Up

Risk is something they’re used to at the American Stock Exchange, but it usually occurs on the floor. When the AMEX’s hr chief decided to outsource, she found that the back-office gamble was well worth the rewards by partnering with checkpoint hr.

by Andy Teng

Today, the manic pace that used to pervade the floor at 86 Trinity Place in Manhattan has been replaced by a more subdued atmosphere as electronic automation has met much of the need for manual intervention. Similarly, within the back offices, HR Vice President Catherine (Katie) Casey is enjoying a more leisurely pace of corporate life after the AMEX underwent a significant transformation during the past two and a half years in which the exchange was spun off from the NASD and sold to its members. During the transition, Casey served as the task master in charge of creating a standalone payroll function to serve its nearly 500 employees—most of whom are paid by the hour—and some 200 retirees who also receive regular checks. Casey faced no small challenge because at the time she was handed the project in late 2002, her bosses allowed just little more than three months to complete the transformation, which required the AMEX to wean itself from the payroll services provided by the NASD.

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Convergys to Provide Professional and Consulting Services for South America’s Largest Wireless Carrier

(Cincinnati and São Paulo; October 25, 2005) – – – Convergys Corporation  (NYSE: CVG), a global leader in customer care, human resources and billing  services, announced today a new five-year contract to provide professional  and consulting services to VIVO, a major wireless carrier in the southern  hemisphere with more than 28 million subscribers.  VIVO is a joint venture led by Portugal Telecom (NYSE: PT) and Telefónica Móviles SA (TEM).   

Under the terms of the agreement, Convergys will deliver multiple professional and consulting services including software configuration, development, integration, and subscriber data migration.  These services support the ongoing improvements to the efficiency of VIVO’s billing operation and the continued migration of VIVO’s post-paid wireless subscribers from different properties of VIVO onto a single Convergys billing solution.   

This new agreement continues and expands the Convergys and VIVO relationship that was first announced in June 2003.  Today, more than 3 million post-paid wireless subscribers of VIVO are supported by Convergys’ ATLYS [r] end-to-end wireless billing solution.  As part of this new agreement, Convergys will migrate 3 additional VIVO properties onto ATLYS, which will then support more than 6 million post-paid subscribers on a single instance of the billing solution.    

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HR XCEL, LLC, Announced Today That it has Signed Contracts with Several New Clients

Charlotte, NC October 12, 2005 – HR XCEL, LLC, announced today that it has signed contracts with several new clients. HR XCEL will provide a wide range of services for the new clients, ranging from full human resource outsourcing to benefits administration, payroll administration, employee relations services, time & attendance solutions, COBRA administration, FMLA administration and FSA administration.

"As HR XCEL continues to grow, we remain unwaveringly focused on providing our clients with outstanding HR expertise from HR professionals," said Barbara Sheridan, president and co-founder, HR XCEL. "We thrive on tailoring our solutions for each new client and then providing them with world-class service."


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