The Growing Crisis in Healthcare Talent Acquisition – AMN Webinar

The growing gap of unfilled clinical and nonclinical jobs poses a serious economic and quality challenge for healthcare providers. But healthcare organizations that use experienced partners to support their talent acquisition function can drive 1.3 times more effective business outcomes.

The white paper, The Growing Crisis in Healthcare Talent Acquisition: Best Practice Solutions, developed by HRO Today and AMN Healthcare, sheds light on how an advanced partnership approach to talent acquisition with workforce solutions experts is necessary in the superheated environment of healthcare staffing that exists today.

Watch the webinar as we discuss the findings of the white paper, including:

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Trends Impacting Healthcare Executives in 2016

The rapidly evolving healthcare landscape creates a challenging environment for healthcare executives. Managing the numerous changes and navigating organizations through the shift from volume to value-based care is essential. Adding to the complexity are 11 emerging healthcare trends impacting executives in 2016. To be successful, executives must work on multiple fronts, building new competencies and expanding their influence across organizations and into the community.

Join Ralph Henderson, President, Professional Services and Staffing, AMN Healthcare and Mark Madden, Senior Vice President, Senior Executive Search, B.E. Smith in a live discussion of the results of the 2016 Healthcare Leadership Intelligence Report. This survey reveals that 2016 will bring an array of challenges in Industry Direction, Workforce Recruitment and Retention, Leadership and Career Management.

This webinar will:

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Taking the Reins: HR’s Expanding Role with Independent Workers

HR has traditionally focused on supporting the conventional employee population, while the responsibility of engaging independent contractors, consultants, and freelancers has been spread throughout the company – leading to an “invisible workforce”, where things like performance tracking, compliance, security, and rate analysis are practically nonexistent. It’s time for HR to broaden their support.

MBO Partners and the HRO Service and Technology Association recently completed an in-depth research report that provides a window into the mysterious world of independent work. You’re invited to join MBO’s Vice President of Operations Dave Cassar and contingent workforce HR advisor Terry Kosierowski-Piccolo at noon on February 17th, 2015 for an incisive and actionable online discussion of the findings. This webinar offers expert insight into the independent workforce’s startling growth, HR’s expanding role, considerations when using MSPs, and more.

This discussion is a must for HR leaders looking for guidance as they expand HR’s role in engaging and managing their companies’ vital independent workforce.

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How Candidate Experience Affects Your Bottom Line

Candidate experience is not only crucial to your talent acquisition function; it has an impact on your business outcomes. Evaluating the candidate experience your organization currently provides and implementing a strategy that leads to more positive experiences will improve your ability to attract and retain talent.

WilsonHCG’s Vice President of Recruitment Cynthia Cancio and iCIMS’ Manager of Product Communications Holly DeMuro will discuss examining your current candidate experience, share best practices on implementing measures to improve your candidate experience and teach you how to evaluate the ROI of a positive candidate experience on your organization.

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Sales Recruitment Strategies: Missteps and Mends

HRO Today and WilsonHCG partnered to discuss the strategies and tactics for effective Sales Recruitment in North America.  Jed Milstein, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at TransCentra, also joined to lend insight into the best-in-class strategies for sales sourcing. Learn how to achieve an effective sales recruitment strategy, and how to optimize the recruitment process while improving the quality of candidates. Takeaways included specific engagement examples as well as detailed metrics showcasing real success stories.

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Reporting for Success: Key Recruitment Metrics to Improve Your Business

Lauren Bleimann, Product Specialist at iCIMS, reviews common recruiting pain points and outlines strategic responses developed by a best-of-breed company. Learn practical tactics for increasing hiring manager engagement and understand key metrics necessary to transform HR into a profit center for upper management.

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Creative Technology Recruitment: How to Compete Against the Tech Giants for Top Talent

John Wilson, CEO of WilsonHCG, and Alison Hadden, Director of Product Marketing at Glassdoor discuss creative technology recruitment strategies that will land your company top tech talent. Technology candidates are among the most sought-after talent pools in the employment landscape. And with technology driving business today and into the future, the recruitment of talent with these skills will become increasingly more difficult. This is especially true for midsized companies that can’t offer the outlandish perks of the tech giants

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