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Building Your ‘Unfair’ Advantage in Recruiting (Part 2): Engaging All Talent to Become Gr8 Hires

HRO Today gr8 People Report

People are an increasingly a valuable source of sustainable competitive advantage for organizations characterized by three certainties – right talent, right time, right fit.

Every talent-acquisition professional wants these great people who will make a positive impact on the business. In our first series of this white paper we explored the employer brand and how to use it strategically with these four components to help build your unfair advantage in recruiting high-impact talent:  define the brand, create “persona-based” workflows, curate and create marketing content, and amplify the brand.

Now let’s take a look at the next four recommended steps:

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Worldwide Unemployment Snapshot

HRO Today Worldwide Unemployment Snapshot

Because most large companies have locations worldwide, the need to quickly access international employment levels and trends has never been greater. Worldwide employment rates vary greatly, so incorporating this component of workforce planning is vital to a company’s worldwide staffing strategy.

To accomplish this, Peoplescout is partnering with HRO Today to produce a quarterly summary of international unemployment metrics for key countries in North America, Latin America, EMEA and APAC. The 49 countries represented account for approximately 88 percent of the worldwide GDP, according to the International Monetary Fund.

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Employee Engagement vs. Business Results

When you type employee engagement (EE) in Google, in less than a second it returns over 20 million results.  Clearly it’s a widely discussed subject, and it’s been such for years. However, not much has been done to enhance it; the EE index is still poor. One of the reasons might be that companies are not convinced if boosting EE will result in improved business performance.

If you are one of the nonbelievers, then read this white paper to get rid of your doubts and join the light side of the Force.

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Trends Impacting Healthcare Executives in 2016

The rapidly evolving healthcare landscape creates a challenging environment for healthcare executives. Managing the numerous changes and navigating organizations through the shift from volume to value-based care is essential. Adding to the complexity are 11 emerging healthcare trends impacting executives in 2016. To be successful, executives must work on multiple fronts, building new competencies and expanding their influence across organizations and into the community.

Join Ralph Henderson, President, Professional Services and Staffing, AMN Healthcare and Mark Madden, Senior Vice President, Senior Executive Search, B.E. Smith in a live discussion of the results of the 2016 Healthcare Leadership Intelligence Report. This survey reveals that 2016 will bring an array of challenges in Industry Direction, Workforce Recruitment and Retention, Leadership and Career Management.

This webinar will:

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‘Get Me to a Human’: Key Recruiting Functions that Still Require People

Veteran recruiting executives know human resources and recruiting are moving more and more rapidly into the technological space. Whether applicant tracking systems (ATS), vendor management systems, background screening applications, and automated reference checking, to name just a few – automation offers assistance in more and more recruiting functions.

The new technology generates a lot of buzz, and rightly so. However, key players in the marketplace, in their excitement, can easily lose sight of the more essential, human element. And companies may do so to their detriment:

• Job applicants often feel trapped in a recruiting algorithm, and find the lack of a human touch and human judgment in the hiring process as leading reasons application processes are difficult. Four of the top five reasons in a recent survey on the topic describe frustration with automation in the initial application process.1

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Building Your ‘Unfair’ Advantage in Recruiting (Part 1): Create and Promote Your Employer Brand

HRO Today gr8 People Report

Everyone wants talent that best fits their organization.  “Best fits” might mean above-average performers, or they might be steady performers.  They might be people who can break new ground, or people who can quietly execute existing plans.  They might possess powerful technical skills, or classic “soft” skills.  “Best fits” come in many different varieties.

What doesn’t vary is the continued sharp competition for best-fit talent.  Not only the brightest who have the skillsets and ideas and not only the most determined who drive change, but the ones who can be fully engaged with like-minded people to bring your organization to the next level.  Even during the Great Recession, when fewer people were looking for work, companies struggled to find the people with the right skills.  Now the unfortunate thing with these best-fit individuals is they get to choose where they want to work.

And, as many companies struggle with identifying and engaging these top individuals, experience tells us that they are usually already employed, may be merely keeping an eye out, (passive candidates), may be on the market only for a short time (sometimes days), or are deciding among several organizations (due to multiple offers).

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Strategic Workforce Planning: Put RPO Metrics to Work for You

HRO Today AdvantagexPO White Paper

Recruitment Process Outsourcing generates tremendous quantities of data. That data can be used to strengthen strategic workforce planning, to seize the initiative in finding and acquiring the best candidates, and to ensure the company has the right talent at the right time. However, companies often fail to capture and use the data generated by their RPO engagements.

Result: They miss opportunities that more data-savvy competitors are able to exploit.

This whitepaper examines the ways that HR practitioners can make sure they are capturing and using data effectively in their strategic workforce planning.

To learn more, download the full report by clicking here.

All About Millennials: Crossing a Multi-Generational Talent Pool

HRO Today PeopleScout Report

The ability to recruit and retain members of a younger generation can challenge any organization.

Today, companies are specifically challenged to recruit and retain individuals under age 35. This younger generation, known as “the Millennials,” is well-versed in social media and the subsequent social changes it has created. Add in the normal age gap that comes from differing life experiences and priorities, and a generation gap is formed.

Members of this new generation are accustomed to communicating frequently, at alarming rates. Likewise, they are seen as tech-savvy, collaborative, and socially aware, and they comprise a large demographic. They make up nearly one-third of the U.S. population and represent a growing percentage of the workforce.

To learn other key findings, download the full report by clicking here.

Industry Trends in HR Technology and Service Delivery

More than 70 percent of respondents are embracing HR SaaS (software-as-a-service) platforms, saying that they have already implemented or will move to SaaS in the next two years.  That’s one of the key findings in this research report from ISG Group.  The most prevalent reasons for moving to HR SaaS platforms are the desire to deliver an improved user experience similar to what employees expect as consumers, access to continuous innovation and best practices, and improved integration of data and applications

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