RPO and the White House – 2/19

 Seaton’s CEO Patrick Beharelle attended a White House summit along with 20 other CEO’s of top U.S. companies who came together to meet with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The group convened to discuss new ways to provide paths toward employment for qualified, long-term unemployed job seekers.
The White House summit is one way leaders are answering a call from the President, who in his State of the Union address last week, announced that he is asking every business leader in America to help the long-term unemployed get back into the job market

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Celebrating with Change

The association for the HR industry marks its 10th birthday with a reflection on how the market has evolved.
By Debbie Bolla
When birthdays creep up on the calendar, don’t we all take a step back and reassess? It’s often a time to reflect where we have come from, what we’ve achieved, and what it will take to get to the next level in our lives.
As the Human Resources Outsourcing Association (HROA) neared its 10-year anniversary, the leadership team knew the HR industry had been evolving, and the association had been growing right along with it. Enter the launch of the HRO Today Services and Technology Association.
“The HRO Today Services and Technology Association combines the best team of industry expert board members, the best research, and the largest network of practitioners in the HR outsourcing industry,” says Elliot Clark, CEO of SharedXpertise, the owners of the association and this magazine. “The broader focus will allow us to both serve this constituency and add new networks in other HR services and the important HR technology industry.“
Launched in 2003 when HR outsourcing was in its infancy, the group’s mission was to bring together members of the industry to network and share best practices. And while that
is still at the heart of the HRO Today Services and Technology Association, outsourcing is now a service delivery vehicle that is reaching second- and third-generation iterations, with growth triggered by experience, knowledge, and ever- changing technology. It’s time for the association to reflect the progress HR has made and act on it. Once a strictly administrative function, the path is moving more and more toward strategic service delivery.
The focus of the HRO Today Services and Technology Association is dedicated to:
• Professional development;
• Peer-to-peer networking opportunities; and
• Topical service and technology promotions.
The community is made up of HR executives and practitioners, providers, advisors, investors, and technology firms. There is a global advisory board providing insight and direction, and then there are three regional advisory boards to target specific geographies, including North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and AsiaPacific (APAC). Bringing each component of the HR equation together allows members to earn an all-encompassing perspective on process.
“I think the unique thing about the HRO Today Services and Technology Association is that the association has brought together practitioners, advisors/consultants, and providers (services and technology) into one space,” says Kevin McDonald, vice president of BPO governance at The E. W. Scripps Company, and association member since 2007, holding the leadership role of vice chair. “The ability to gain perspective of folks representing all facets has been and continues to be valuable to me as a member.”
The association offers a platform for practitioners and providers to connect and learn from one another. “The [association] in Asia Pacific has provided a forum for Cartus and our valued clients in the region to hear firsthand from other HR outsourcing thought leaders and also to showcase and gain increased market visibility for our expertise and value proposition,” notes Rob Line, vice president of client services APAC for Cartus.
Jill Goldstein, Accenture’s global practice lead, talent and HR outsourcing, informs that the tone of the association is highly collaborative without any undercurrents of sales pressure or hidden agendas. She says that buyers and providers have real discussions about relevant issues and produce thought-provoking conclusions.
The content is designed to enable HR to elevate its workforce productivity. Best practices are shared through open forums, industry events, networking, and webinars.
“The ability to discuss issues with folks in similar industry, organizations of similar size, similar HR service delivery landscape has benefited me greatly over the years,” says McDonald. “You can always find someone you can relate to in some way and share successful practices, or non-successful experiences you can avoid.”
And the knowledge is transferable. “We have certainly taken some of the ideas from networking and discussions with other members forward into our own governance and operating procedures,” says Darren Bartholomew, head of HR planning and information systems for UK Selex ES.
Goldstein says that the association offers a channel for sharing and learning, as well as testing and developing ideas, which in turn plays an essential role in annual talent and HR strategy planning.
Networking events, including the annual HRO Today Forum North America, APAC, and Europe, are a path to exchange ideas and foster mutually beneficial relationships.
“Allegis Group Services finds the in-person networking opportunities to be the most valuable,” says Bruce Morton, head of innovation for the company. “At the annual Forum, we have the opportunity to step outside of our daily routine and connect with our peers on long-term goals, current pain points, and innovative ideas. The benefit of collaborating in-person ultimately generates long-term relationships and partnerships within every industry vertical.”
Valerie Egan, head of resourcing North America for Linde, has attended the HRO Today Forum North America for the past few years, and says the networking opportunities prove most advantageous. “Last year at the HRO Today Forum North America, a speed dating session was held for buyers to get to know each other and share issues,” she recalls. “I found this valuable because I made connections with peers who are experiencing the same things and I was able to pick their brain to see how they dealt with the same issues.”
“For 2014, our HRO Today Forums will bring the same content and discussions that are covered in the association’s Thought Leadership Councils, bringing better continuity of the right topics to the right audience,” says Faye Holland, global executive director for the HRO Today Services and Technology Association. “Our provider members will be able to host their own user group meetings while at the same time educating the market on the most salient content.”
While a broad HR education and knowledge sharing is offered through the HRO Today Services and Technology Association, the Thought Leadership Councils allow for members to zero in on issues directly applicable to their specific expertise.
“The Thought Leadership Councils allow participants to key in on particular areas of interest,” says McDonald. “The HR space is very broad and the ability to pick a specific area
to network, share successful practices, and help others is a great opportunity with the councils.”
There are seven thought leadership councils with the goal to drive professional development:
• Better practices
• Buyers
• Engaged workforce
• Evidence-based HR
• Sourcing
• Talent acquisition
• Technology
Bartholomew describes the Thought Leadership Councils as an open forum or think tank of sorts that encourages the exchange of ideas. Practitioners and providers alike can meet to discuss certain topics and share best practices in a relaxed and confidential setting, he says.
“The [Thought Leadership Council for Buyers] gives access to fellow practitioners on all stages of the HRO lifecycle, from those just starting out on the journey to seasoned buyers in second- and third-generation contracts,” he explains.
The HRO Today Service and Technology and Association also recognizes the good work of the HR industry every year through its awards program.
“Winning the Asia Pacific regional relationship awards for consecutive years has provided additional external recognition for Cartus in the region and illustrates the pride we have in our continually-advancing client relationships,” says Line.
This year the theme is Be Informed: Recognizing Great Business Outcomes in HR. HR knows that with proper budget and resources it can develop a business operating model and metrics to deliver a productive workforce and competitive edge. Nominations should demonstrate how HR drives the overall success of business through growth and profit.
Submissions are due Friday, February 28. The global winners will be announced at the award gala at the HRO Today Forum North America, and the regional award winners will be presented during the Forum program.
See the new HRO Today Services and Technology Association website for more information (
Full disclosure: In November 2013, the then trustees of the HROA voted to rename and reassign the association to HRO Today Services and Technology Association through the owners of SharedXpertise, who also publish this magazine.

Global Board of Advisors

  • Jeanne MacDonald, Futurestep
  • Jeff Croyle, ISG
  • Jill Goldstein, Accenture
  • Kevin McDonald, The E.W. Scripps Company
  • Mike Andrus, Catholic Health Initiatives
  • Rebecca Callahan, Randstad Sourceright
  • Rick Haviland, Allegis Talent2
  • Terrence, McCrossan ADP
  • Denis Brousseau, IBM

Regional Board of Advisors
 Europe, Middle East, and Africa

  • Darren Bartholomew, Selex Galileo
  • Gary Madden, BP
  • Steve Riley, Accenture
  • Seb O’Connell, Randstad Sourceright
  • Phil Cooper, Allegis Talent2
  • Sarah Seabury, ISG
  • Hays

Asia Pacific

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Public Sector Policies

How government agencies can vastly fix their personnel problems through analytics.
By Mike Giuffrida
The last few years haven’t been easy on any organization. Government agencies and the public sector are facing a series of challenges that are set to have an impact on how they manage talent if things don’t change.
Sequestration/budget shortfalls loom large

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Hot Deals

 The 2013 HRO market was alive with activity.
By the Editors
Reflecting back on 2013, it proved to be a growth year for the HR services industry. In fact, NelsonHall reports that HRO contract activity was up nearly 37 percent year-over-year. Our roundup includes 25 deals that deliver crucial services to help in the way organizations manage their talent

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Leading the Pack: 2013 SUPERSTARS

Industry standouts are recognized for blazing their own trails.

By The Editors
“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Such motivational words from American author Harold R. McAlindon are the hallmarks of good business leaders. How can a market and industry progress if not for strong leadership? Our 2014 Superstars Directory highlights HR luminaries and their accomplishments that are shaping the industry

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Pull Up a Chair

Only if you are ready to answer the strategic questions.
By Zena Brand
Does the following sound at all familiar: “We need and deserve a seat at the strategy table.”

It’s become a constant refrain in recent years—HR leaders’ wanting the C-level status of a real business partner. Few CEOs would disagree that HR deserves it, given the vital role that human capital plays in generating profitable business growth. But one does not get offered this coveted seat merely by cutting administrative costs or getting the payroll out in time.

HR should be commended for the ways in which the role has transformed over the past decade—spearheading and implementing innovative expense efficiency projects and various technology solutions. But these are strategic ventures with a lower case “s.” To sit at the “big kid” table requires doing things that really deliver value, such as:

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HRO Today 2014 Resource Guide

We know that the readers of HRO Today magazine turn to us as the go-to resource in the industry that delivers trends, insights, and the top resources for all of their human resources operations and service needs. In our annual 2014 Resource Guide we aim to showcase providers and product vendors across 18 sectors of HR Services.
Here you will find providers of everything from recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to benefits administration to multiprocess HRO, not to mention a treasure trove of HR technology, consulting services, and other ancillary products

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Technology Ideology

Technology Ideology
By Debbie Bolla
Executive Editor

While doing a deep dive into the tools that HR tech firms are offering to enhance social recruiting strategies for October’s cover story (see#HireMe), it made me think back to how I landed my first job in magazines. Remember those things in the newspaper called classified ads? That’s where I found it! I can recall my father telling me—a fresh-faced college grad—to check the Sunday paper. And I actually came across that fortuitous tear in one of my portfolios, with the job description circled in red pen. How endearing—and utterly archaic compared to the systems of record today.

If your organization is still “old-school” in its ways of hiring, you are going to be left behind—far behind. As Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

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Costly Paradox

Employee confidence is up but savings are down.
 By Ken Haderer
In uncertain times, workforce sentiment doesn’t always mirror workforce action. Even with encouraging economic signs and a greater sense of stability, workers don’t necessarily serve their own best interests when it comes to preparing for retirement. Sure, they may feel better about the economy at large, but when it comes to deepening
their commitment to saving for the future, they can remain reticent, taking the short-term view when a long-term vision is needed.

That’s exactly the evidence we’re seeing in the 2013 Mercer Workplace SurveyTM, a national cross-section of active 401(k) participants enrolled in their employers’ benefits plan. It’s been more than a decade since we instituted the survey — this year’s edition resulted from online interviews with 1,506 participants between late May and early June— and it has been invaluable in guiding us toward a more effective response to employee needs in the benefits administration space.

So what is driving today’s disconnect between employees’ perceptions and their retirement savings? Let’s look at some statistics from the survey. Seventy-seven percent of employees expect economic growth in the year ahead, up four percentage points from last year, and matching the percentage we saw in the post-recession summer of 2010. Improving local home values is a big factor driving that confidence in the economy: 50 percent of all participants expect their home values to be higher a year from now, up 15 percentage points since last year’s survey.

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Getting Higher – 10/8

Recently, digital recruiting provider HireVue has made great strides. On October 2, HireVue announced expansion of its talent interaction platform TM, its partnership with Sequoia Capital, and that it has raised $25 million with participation from Kickstart Fund and existing investors. Mickey Arabelovic will represent Sequoia on the HireVue board.
HireVue’s talent interaction platform alleviates all the previous problems of the digital hiring processes, since it includes HireVue’s flagship digital screening and live interviewing capabilities, as well as new solutions for sourcing, skills validation and onboarding – enabling "Hi-Def Digital Recruiting"

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