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The Power of Recognition

Employee recognition can help maintain positive company culture during a crisis.

By Debbie Bolla

Recognition has always been a valuable tool to engage and retain employees, but it is really showing its strength during the global pandemic. The crisis has forced organizations to think and act quickly, impacting the experience of employees in a variety of ways. To ensure workforce wellness and safety, many employees had to shift to working from home. And now, as the world begins to heal and employees return to work, organizations will have to enlist another wave of changes.

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Culture Continuity™ During Crisis

Organizations that connect business decisions with company culture are on target for higher levels of engagement, loyalty, and productivity.

By Debbie Bolla

During times of uncertainty, a strong company culture aligned to core organizational values is paramount in maintaining business fluidity and high levels of employee engagement. For some organizations, the recent COVID-19 global pandemic has been a testament to that.

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Getting the Most from Live Analytics

Assessing data in real time provides a competitive advantage to sourcing and recruiting candidates.

By Taylor Thompson

Thanks to advances in technology, the HR industry has become very data driven in its practices. And while it’s imperative to essentially every aspect of business, the main problem with data is that it’s often historical.

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3 Ways Technology is Improving Enterprise Recruitment Systems

Today’s platforms are enabling a more customized approach to global recruiting.

By Taylor Thompson

For corporations operating globally with more than 5,000 employees, the implementation of an enterprise recruitment system can help to manage the hiring process. And while the use of a standard recruitment model across the entire business emphasizes consistency and efficiency, a growing focus on candidate experience has caused HR to reevaluate their enterprise recruitment methods.

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Increasing Time to Productivity

Onboarding Metrics

How technology and onboarding drive performance metrics.

By Debbie Bolla

Data is a crucial piece in an effective talent acquisition and management strategy. Andrew Brown, global head of RPO, partners, and alliances for Lumesse, says today’s tech platforms provide a holistic view of talent, allowing organizations to pinpoint where their approaches are working and areas for improvement.

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Talent Tech Driving Transformation

Talent Tech

How organizations can leverage the latest tools to positively impact the hiring process.

By Debbie Bolla

Today’s talent technology is a key enabler driving transformative change in the way organizations attract, manage, and retain candidates. The rise of the gig workforce, access to information, and a move toward a consumer-driven environment are all factors increasing global workers’ expectations of potential employers. And enterprises are turning to technology to up their game.

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Looking to Data

Healthcare Hiring

Key metrics to transform healthcare hiring practices.

By Debbie Bolla

Now is the time for healthcare organizations to shift their hiring mindsets from reactive to proactive, says Liz Bickley, senior vice president of healthcare client services for Cielo, the leading provider of recruitment process outsourcing solutions to the healthcare industry. Data is key to transforming this process. From census information to historic seasonal trends, data can help organizations pinpoint where peaks and demands exist in different geographies.

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New Models for Healthcare Hiring

Healthcare Talent

Five strategies for finding and keeping the best healthcare talent.

By Debbie Bolla

A number of challenges are converging to create the perfect storm in the healthcare hiring market. Baby boomers are moving into retirement, the aging population needs more care, and there is less talent available to fill open positions. The crisis of supply and demand is as real as ever.

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Supplemental Health Care Launches Clinical Magnet – 11/18

Supplemental Health Care, a leading provider of innovative workforce solutions, announces the spinoff of its recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) division into a company called Clinical Magnet, the industry’s only workforce planning provider exclusively focused on the clinical hiring needs of healthcare organizations.

Clinical Magnet enters the market at time when healthcare providers are experiencing extreme hiring challenges for clinical staff caused by the increasing complexity of patient care, a severe clinical talent shortage, early retirement trends and the enactment of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Clinical Magnet will leverage its parent company’s 30 years of experience and leadership in the healthcare staffing sector to offer one of the RPO industry’s most comprehensive clinical hiring service offerings, including:Workforce planning;

  • Talent acquisition strategy;
  • Candidate screening and interview coordination;
  • Hiring regulatory compliance, administration; and
  • Onboarding and new hire care and assimilation.

“We began providing RPO services to our clients in 2013, but over time we saw the need for a more focused RPO approach due to the rapidly evolving healthcare industry,” said Janet Elkin, CEO and president of Supplemental Health Care. “We are excited that Clinical Magnet will allow us to expand our offering and bring more resources and innovation to the market at a time when nearly every healthcare organization is experiencing challenges in hiring clinical talent.”

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2015 TekTonic Winners

The 2015 technology honorees were announced at the HRO Today Forum.

By The Editors

The HRO Today TekTonic Awards have been recognizing innovative and disruptive technology for six years. This year’s winners include:

Compensation: Dayforce ConnectedPay From Ceridian

HRMS: Pay’NComp (PnC) From Neeyamo

Benefits: ADP Health Compliance

Learning: GuideSpark

HR Social Media: WeSpire

Talent Management/Recruiting: Loop