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Hiring for Success: Improving organizational performance through better quality recruitment

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Download the Hiring for Success: Improving organizational performance through better quality recruitment benchmarking report

The Hiring for Success report (co-published by Hudson RPO and the HRO Today Institute) defines quality in the workplace; the benefits of measuring quality of hire; the challenges of collecting data; and how to improve hiring processes. It also includes six strategies for improving quality of hire plus a case study demonstrating the commercial value of committing to a quality of hire program. The report findings are based on a survey of nearly 300 HR professionals worldwide.

A snapshot of significant report insights include:

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Sales Recruitment Strategies: Missteps and Mends

HRO Today and WilsonHCG partnered to discuss the strategies and tactics for effective Sales Recruitment in North America.  Jed Milstein, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at TransCentra, also joined to lend insight into the best-in-class strategies for sales sourcing. Learn how to achieve an effective sales recruitment strategy, and how to optimize the recruitment process while improving the quality of candidates. Takeaways included specific engagement examples as well as detailed metrics showcasing real success stories.

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Reporting for Success: Key Recruitment Metrics to Improve Your Business

Lauren Bleimann, Product Specialist at iCIMS, reviews common recruiting pain points and outlines strategic responses developed by a best-of-breed company. Learn practical tactics for increasing hiring manager engagement and understand key metrics necessary to transform HR into a profit center for upper management.

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Creative Technology Recruitment: How to Compete Against the Tech Giants for Top Talent

John Wilson, CEO of WilsonHCG, and Alison Hadden, Director of Product Marketing at Glassdoor discuss creative technology recruitment strategies that will land your company top tech talent. Technology candidates are among the most sought-after talent pools in the employment landscape. And with technology driving business today and into the future, the recruitment of talent with these skills will become increasingly more difficult. This is especially true for midsized companies that can’t offer the outlandish perks of the tech giants

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Capturing Coveted Technology and Engineering Talent

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Many HR organizations are scouring the globe for particular skill sets that will set their companies apart from a competitive standpoint. Finding qualified workers with specialized technology, engineering and technical skill is becoming more difficult by the day, given the dearth of candidates and the intense rivalry to hire them. This challenge confronts HR with a pronounced responsibility, given the vital role played by human capital. Recruitment priorities insist that every potential channel be plied to ensure the right people are hired to bring strategic goals to fruition. In this regard, marketing a company’s brand as an employer-of-choice is just one tactic that is helping to win the war for talent.

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Communicating Your Employment Brand

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In a complex and demand-driven employment market, enticing the best talent requires more than just a quality benefit package. A strong employer brand must go beyond an organization’s market position and include an environment that provides positive experiences and meaningful work. Gone are the days of long-term loyalty and pension plans. Only one in ten millennial generation job candidates are expected to stay with the same employer, according to a recent survey. To recruit best-in-class talent and keep them, companies must understand their differentiating brand value and learn how to accurately market it to candidates.

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