Zachary Misko

As Global Executive Director of the Association, Zachary Misko has over 20 years of human resource practitioner and management expertise in a variety of arenas, most recently from KellyOCG, where he was a global Vice President. Prior to joining KellyOCG, he held HR Practitioner/Director roles in the biotechnology, life sciences and direct merchant industries. Misko is a LEAN Six Sigma certified expert and has contributed to the global human resources industry as a speaker, chair, board member and author with many organizations, events and partners. The Recruiting Awards/TalentHQ named Misko as Innovator of the Year, in part for his utilization of LEAN methodologies within the recruitment process. Additionally, he has delivered and spoken at 200+ seminars and conferences on a variety of human resource topics. He also holds a Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) designation.

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