It’s All About the Models

Putting lipstick on a pig isn’t the right approach to web services. Only by adopting a new model can we overcome the inefficiencies of today’s architecture. by Naomi Lee Bloom In all of the discussion about web services and their enablement and orchestration via the highly touted SOA middleware (think Oracle’s Fusion middleware, SAP’s NetWeaver […]

The NelsonHall Report: Seeking Digital Transformation

Organizations are looking to leverage intelligent technologies in order to increase efficiency in HR delivery models.

By Pete Tiliakos

With digitalization at the forefront for most business leaders today, the demand for advancing technology capability continues to intensify. Many organizations are diligently executing on digital strategies with the goal of transforming and advancing their operations, both client facing and back office, toward a more future-proof model. In HR, the need for transformation is long overdue and more critical than ever.

The Mercer Report: Call Me Maybe?

Ensure employees experience success during open enrollment by improving communication. By Jacqueline Hill With another open enrollment season around the corner, organizations and their employees face that crucial time when complex and personal benefit decisions must be made. For many people, last year’s benefit choices may not be right or sufficient for the coming year—as […]

It’s About the “Talented”…“Humans”

 Our CEO sounds off on the importance and transformation of talent management.   We live in a profession with great terms. When I was in college, I studied “personnel management.” That did not sound very nice. To the extent anyone would own up to being a “personnel,” they certainly would not want to feel “managed.” […]

What Will Be the Next Big Trend in the HRO World? Hint: It’s FAO

Look out, HR leaders, CFOs have learned from you. And now they want a part of the outsourcing gain and glory for themselves. by Jay Whitehead In the HRO field, I have regularly been accused of being able to see around corners. Often, my skills as a futurist have been over-exaggerated (mostly by me). Other […]

Winning the Long Game

Whether it’s hiring, contracting, or training employees, organizations need to design talent strategies with long-term goals in mind.

By Traci McCready

Recently, at a speaking engagement, I asked a room of C-suite executives: “What is your company’s most valuable asset?” Each and every volunteer had the same answer: their people. To support growth, contain costs, and preserve quality, service, and safety, companies need to retool talent management for today’s conditions.

Next Gen RPO

Talent market transitions are pushing RPO engagements to encompass new services, technologies, and recruitment models.

By Michael Switow

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is undergoing a transition in the Asia-Pacific region. Automation, corporate restructuring, and changes in the nature of the workforce are pressuring RPO partners to evolve in order to compete and remain relevant for their clients. Just what is the next generation of RPO and how are companies changing?

Next-level RPO

RPO partnerships are moving beyond the transactional and entering the realm of the strategic.

By Simon Kent

The days of using an RPO provider to simply deal with the grunt work of recruiting people into an organisation are over. Today’s competitive market—both in terms of the employment market where talent is scarcer than ever and the RPO market itself—means providers must demonstrate that they can bring extra value to the organisations with which they are working. Achieving this means becoming a specialist in more than recruitment alone.

The Self-Disruptive Leader

In the age of transformation, executives are forced to adapt to a new way of working.

By Michael Switow

In an age of disruption, what types of leaders are needed to drive organisational success?“ It’s no longer good enough to be agile,” explains Korn Ferry’s Associate Client Partner Tim Wiseman. “You can’t just respond. You have to get in front. What we’ve used in the past to measure what ‘good’ looks like for leadership models is not going to get us to the future.” Instead, Wiseman says the best leaders are people who “get in front and break things before their competition breaks them.”

In Sync

HR and IT need to partner to fix the broken employee experience.

By Donna Kimmel

When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, employee experience is one of the most critical elements of success. Around the world, the gap between the number of jobs available and the people available to fill them is the largest it has ever been. And competition is stiff. To get the talent they want and need to power and move their businesses forward, companies need to create an environment that inspires people to do great work.