Charting the New HR Order

Thought leaders from a quintet of cutting-edge workforce departments recently sat down with the editors of HRO Today to share their views on the past decade in human resources. Their insights on the emergent culture of measurement and the state of the world’s economy are not to be missed.     By Dirk Olin   […]

Press Releases

Madison Continues to Lead the Employee Recognition Space with AI Solution to Increase User Inclusivity New York, NY (March 17, 2020) — Madison, a global leader in Social Employee Recognition, is pleased to announce that they have added an automatic AI solution for web accessibility and compliance to their proprietary SaaS platform, Maestro. In an […]

The Transformation Debate

  The search for signs of intelligible change from the outsourcing universe.   By Anthony Hesketh   It might be difficult to believe, but talk of transformation is back on the outsourcing agenda in 2011. One executive recently explained the “transformational turn” in outsourcing to me: “There’s only so much cost-cutting you can do before […]

Driver’s Ed

Toyota financial Services builds an effective learning program aimed at keeping internal talent ‘moving forward’ in their careers. by Russ Banham Smart finance, treasury, risk management, and accounting professionals, take notice: Toyota Financial Services wants you! The Japanese automobile giant’s captive finance arm in the U.S. wants the company to be the “destination for employment” […]

Privatizing the Feds

A long-time initiative by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management may finally provide a path for HRO service providers to win lucrative contracts. In light of this, HR transformation may be reaching the Nation’s Capital. by Andy Teng For an industry that has so far failed to convince its potentially biggest buyer to embrace outsourcing, […]

The Baker’s Dozen-Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The Top 13 Providers of end-to-end RPO. by Denise Doig Welcome to our fourth annual listing of the top recruitment process outsourcing providers. Each year, more companies turn to RPO providers to fulfill their hiring needs. As the market continues to grow, we have seen an influx of self-professed RPO providers. Some new faces have […]