HRO Today Association Awards

The HRO Today Association Awards recognize innovation and greatness in the field of HR among both individual leaders and their teams. The following awards are open to anyone in the industry – service providers, buyers/clients and advisors. Company Awards (recognizing a company or team): Thought Leadership (HR Excellence) Award Business Partnership Excellence Recruitment Team of […]

TekTonic Awards

In today’s day and age, people continue to expect an ever-more meaningful, convenient, and multi-faceted employee experience. To meet that need, HR professionals must leverage new and easy-to-use technologies that enrich the workplace, improve productivity, and deliver a competitive advantage. HRO Today‘s TekTonic Award winners are leading the charge, incorporating disruptive innovations such as automation and the […]

HRO Today Superstars

With the unemployment rate at 3.7 percent, companies need to reevaluate how they find and engage top talent or risk falling behind. But keeping employees invested is no longer as easy as it once was; today’s talent expects employers to deliver an exemplary experience, new technologies, enriching learning programs, career growth, robust benefits plans, job flexibility, relocation opportunities—and the […]

Most Admired Employer Brand Award

An employer’s reputation and brand are key factors that draw in top talent—and in today’s digital world, it is more important than ever that companies leverage online tools to communicate what makes them unique and attractive. The HRO Today Most Admired Employer Brand Awards were created to recognize and celebrate extraordinary achievements in employer branding. NORTH AMERICA Award winners […]

Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Award

In today’s tight talent market, it comes as no surprise that organizations are innovating in their talent acquisition departments with the hopes of seeing positive change. Gone are the days of job applicants working to gain the attention of potential employers. Instead, that focus has shifted onto organizations themselves as HR and talent acquisition leaders drive initiatives to stand […]

CHRO/HRD of the Year Award

If people are a company’s greatest asset, then CHROs have a lot riding on their shoulders. From delivering a winning culture to introducing fresh recruitment strategies, they are stewards and strategists who are responsible for a company’s talent and performance blueprint—all of which drives the business forward. To honor the contributions of these incredible leaders, […]