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Centralizing Talent Acquisition

Learn how and why today’s organisations are moving toward a total talent approach. By Michael Switow From direct sourcing, alumni referrals, RPO, and redeployment to full-time workers, freelancers, SOWs, interns, and robots, the universe of talent acquisition has never been more complicated. Contemporary HR and talent acquisition (TA) professionals now manage more than a dozen potential talent streams, with one eye on recruiting and retaining the right workforce and another on keeping costs under control. “Decision-making for talent today is decentralised, and I think we can see that when we are really looking at the type of talent that we’re trying to bring in,” says AgileOne’s president Peter Carvalho. “Suppliers right now seem to be pushing the overall total talent strategy.” Carvalho should know. His company works with more than 2,000 suppliers, whilst serving as a single point of contact for a broad range of clients across 17 industries.

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A Clear View

Total workforce solutions allow organizations to zero in on their most important asset: talent. By Debbie Bolla In recent years, HR and talent acquisition leaders have become more and more accountable for the workforce. They often have ownership of not just the people who organizations hire, but also how they perform. One of the drivers of this is the critical importance business leaders place on talent nowadays. Take a look at these facts:
  • The Brookings Institution has reported that as much as 85 percent of a company’s market value is now calculated with intangible assets including knowledge, reputation, and talent.
  • Ninety-two percent of organizations expect an increase in competition when it comes to landing top performers.
  • The number one priority for HR is attracting top talent.
This pressure is forcing organizations to rethink how they address they workforce. In fact, 63 percent of organizations are doing that right now, according to Ardent Partners.

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