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Worker Confidence Index Report: Second Quarter 2017

The Worker Confidence Index (WCI) dropped significantly in the second quarter to 99.7 - the same level for this time last year. Of the four components of the WCI, only job stability rose, while likelihood of promotion and likelihood of a raise both dropped.  The Trust in Company Leadership index also declined, but remained higher than one year ago. Respondents under the age of 44 grew more confident about their job stability, while older respondents also remained more confident in their job security.  In findings similar to one year ago, higher income employees reported having the most job security. And, all of this happened as the gross domestic product has increased. What else does the report reveal that impacts HR?  Find out by downloading the report with these options below: Click here to download the full report Continue reading →

HRO Today Announces 2017 Recognition Baker’s Dozen Rankings

August 17, 2017 – Philadelphia, PA – HRO Today has announced its 2017 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Survey rankings for recognition.  The rankings were revealed on August 17, 2017, via video announcement on YouTube and live posts on Twitter. To determine the rankings, HRO Today collects feedback through an online survey that is distributed both directly to buyers through HRO Today’s mailing lists and indirectly by sending service providers the link to send to their clients.  Responses are scored for each provider that has a statistically significant sample, and 10 survey responses are required from seven client companies in order to qualify for the top 13 companies. Results are analyzed across three subcategories:  breadth of service, deal size, and service quality.  Using an algorithm that weighs questions and categories based on importance, scores are calculated in all three subcategories and for the overall score. The rankings for the overall score category are:
  1. Achievers
  2. Rideau Recognition, Inc.

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Renee Preston Joins SharedXpertise as Vice President of Membership Services

Philadelphia, PA – August 1, 2017 – SharedXpertise, publisher of HRO Today and HRO Today Global magazines and producer of the HRO Today Forum events, announced that Renee Preston has joined the organization as vice president of membership services. Preston arrives at SharedXpertise with over twenty years of experience inside the outsourcing industry, regularly connecting outsourcing buyers, providers and advisors with networks and platforms for exchanging best practices. Most recently, she held the role of managing director of association development with the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. “We’re impressed with Renee’s experience within the association management space,” said Elliot Clark, CEO of SharedXpertise. “We feel that she’ll be a good match, with her background in collaborating with professionals who are supporting, discussing and challenging the traditional ideas in the outsourcing marketplace.

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Catch Me if You Can: How to Choose the Best Pre-employment Screening Solution

Nearly a third of employers don’t prescreen for trouble.  That's what a new study shows about background checking. The stakes are higher now for companies than they’ve ever been. In a tight labor market, there’s enormous pressure to hire more employees quickly; in particular, data and physical security are paramount. There is also a lack of quantification about the impact of background screening providers. More than three-quarters of study respondents weren’t aware of any formal metrics for measuring the success of their background screening provider service. Is HR taking background screening seriously enough?  What are the key factors to consider when selecting a provider?  Download the report by selecting an option below: Click here to download the report Continue reading →

HR Practices Improve Company Sales

The impact of hiring the right sales people at the right time can scarcely be overstated. Without sales driving top-line revenue, every other part of the organization will fail, no matter how well the other departments have executed their responsibilities. This study shows that while most HR professionals know the cost per hire of a sales representative, they are in the dark about the cost of not hiring quickly. Despite the high stakes of top-quality sales hires, companies often fail to track the metrics they need to best decide about sales force staffing. And HR often remains in the dark about the impact of hiring, or not hiring, new members of the sales team. How can you find out what the impacts of staffing levels are at your organization?  Find out by benchmarking against the report and inputting your organization's information into this report's sales recruiting calculator. Download the report by selecting one of the options below: Continue reading →

EMEA Flash Report: How to Use Talent Acquisition Analytics to Make Better Business Decisions

This recent study shows that all too often talent acquisition analytics and KPIs are not aligned with long-term goals and objectives.  In fact, nearly one-half of respondents said they were entirely focused instead on short-term goals and didn't have a focus on making strategic business decisions. A talent acquisition model that is only moderately integrated into the larger HR strategy cannot fully support the overall business. One step towards alignment is through strategic workforce planning, which provides a flexible connection between operational execution and the future direction of the organization. Which analytics did HR professionals say are the best indicators of success when evaluating their talent acquisition programmes?  Download the report to find out. This is the third in a series of HRO Today Flash Reports. These reports discuss the results of research and editorial papers that address today’s topics of interest in the HR community, and this study was sponsored by WilsonHCG.

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Paving the Way to a Better Hiring Process

It’s no secret that finding top talent is difficult – especially in the transportation industry, where the employment of Line Haul and Pickup/Delivery drivers is projected to grow 11% from 2012 to 2022.

EG Workforce Solutions built a customized solution for a leading LTL trucking company that resulted in reduced turnover, compliance excellence, a faster time-to-hire and increased cost savings.

By remedying a decentralized hiring process, the client was able to get back to what matters most:  customer service.

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The Growing Crisis in Healthcare Talent Acquisition

Best Practice Solutions Talent acquisition professionals at healthcare provider organizations face enormous pressures. Macro-forces are driving demand for healthcare services – and unprecedented shortages of healthcare workers. The key demand drivers are: • An aging population will need more healthcare. People who are 65+ experience three times as many hospital days compared to the general public. That ratio goes up to four times as many for people 75+. • The clinical workforce is getting older, too, and more practitioners are retiring or moving to a part-time schedule. • The strong economy means more people have jobs with health insurance and money for copays and deductibles. • Shortages exist across the board for nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals in virtually all specialties. The gap of unfilled healthcare jobs continues to grow. • Healthcare industry consolidation is creating large, sophisticated delivery networks that demand top quality practitioners and professionals with skills to work in this new healthcare environment.

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Candidate Attraction and Assessment Using Gamification in APAC

This study shows that the use of gamification in HR is still in its infancy in the APAC region and varies among individual countries. However, it has appeal in both talent acquisition and employee training programs, and is primarily used as a tool for building the company’s talent pool. Millennials are the group exposed to gamification, particularly males.  The concept is an outgrowth of video games, so companies naturally want to interact with candidates in a way that’s familiar to them. This is the second in a series of HRO Today Flash Reports. These reports discuss the results of research and editorial papers that address today’s topics of interest in the HR community, and this study was sponsored by PeopleScout.

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APAC: Growth of Freelancers and Best Practices on How to Attract Them

This recent study shows that the APAC region is growing rapidly, with nearly one-half of respondents anticipating their use of freelancers will increase in the next 24 months.  The use of freelancers over the prior two years also increased, as nearly a quarter of respondents reported an increase during that time.

This is the first in a series of HRO Today Flash Reports. These reports discuss the results of research and editorial papers that address today’s topics of interest in the HR community. The first area examined in this series is Growth of Freelancers and Best Practices on How to Attract Them. This study was sponsored by Allegis Global Solutions.

What else did the study discover and how can you best attract the growing number of freelancers?  Find out by downloading the report now:

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