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Forecasting Modernization

HR Outsourcing

CHROs and industry experts share their insight on what 2018 holds for HR.

By Audrey Roth

In the coming year, constantly evolving technology and the growing demands to attract, retain, and engage talent will cause dynamic change in the HR industry. HR leaders must be prepared to face the challenges of a year of transformation.

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The Uncharted Organization

HR Outsourcing

Five trends set to impact recruiting and leadership in 2018.

By Jamie Hoobanoff

Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors are entering uncharted territory as they face an unprecedented rate of economic, technological, and societal change. While industries have gone through disruptions in the past, the forces at work in more recent years are rapidly shifting, calling for companies to be even more adaptive and innovative in their approach to recruitment and hiring.

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Innovation Ahead

HR Innovation

HR can expect transformation in every sector in 2018.

By Amy L. Gurchensky

HR partnerships and engagements have remained in a stable state of predictability for years, but changes within the business landscape are now occurring at an increasingly accelerated pace. Organizations are experiencing industrywide transformation, and HR services are being forced to respond. This reaction is yielding great innovation which is happening at a fast rate. This is also driving the need for transparency and investments in technology across all HR functions.

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Editor’s Note: The Forecast is Clear

HRO Today

By Debbie Bolla

With 2017 almost in the rear view, it’s time to take a look back at our predictions story from last year and see how the points panned out.

Prediction: “Many of the current [learning management] systems were architected 15 or more years ago, and today people learn through different means like short videos and curated content.” —Josh Bersin, principal and founder, Bersin by Deloitte

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