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Standout Tech

TekTonic Awards

Learn more about the impact of the 2019 TekTonic Award winners.

By The Editors

Each year, HRO Today recognizes the latest tech solutions that empower HR leaders to streamline their people management processes and provide the necessary time to execute on strategies that are aligned with business goals. From making the benefits process easy and engaging to increasing candidate conversion rates, the 2019 TekTonic Award winners are adding insight and value to the many layers of human capital management.

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Editor’s Note: Eye on AI

HRO Today

By Debbie Bolla

Are robots taking over the workplace? At HRO Today Forum in North America, a group of HR leaders offered perspectives on their experience with artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning, and how it has—and will—impact the workforce.

“Technology is here right now. What is HR’s job?” asked Nancy Hauge, CHRO of Automation Anywhere. “It’s about defining our leadership role as this workforce changes. Internally, we’re going to recruit for digital colleagues. Soon, we’ll have 3 million digital colleagues deployed across the world.”

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A Technology Focus

HR Association

By D. Zachary Misko

This year’s theme of the HRO Today Forum North America is “Driving Corporate Strategy.” Despite the technology disruption that has roiled much of global business, the need to attract, retain, protect, and serve employees has insulated companies. But now, change is washing over how companies do business and sending ripples across the HR industry. HR is officially being shaken by the tech invasion.

As you will learn from our Forum speakers, panels, and sessions, a rising cohort of tech-enabled leaders are rethinking business and reacting with more creative models. The finalists in our iTalent competition are not surprisingly a part of this movement; they are investing in this vision of the future. Throughout the Forum, we will explore this further and amplify the highest standards of human resources in the management and support of services, technologies, and overall HR functions.

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Connecting the Dots

HRO Today Forum 2018

Strategy, agility, and technology are key themes of the 2018 HRO Today Forum sessions.

By Marta Chmielowicz

HR leaders are facing sweeping changes across the entire business landscape. Constantly evolving technology and profound demographic shifts are disrupting the industry, changing workplace cultures, and revolutionizing the way work gets done. In today’s talent market, transparency and agility are key—and in order to compete, business leaders must question even their most basic assumptions about what employees want. If they are to succeed, they must develop new approaches to attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent.

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