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Global Unemployment Report: Q2 2018

Deploying a global workforce and ensuring access to the best talent is a crucial component of success for many enterprises. Global labor market data is an invaluable tool for multinational HR departments and can be used to inform critical decisions around the best countries and regions in which to grow

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Overcoming Challenges

HRO Today

By Debbie Bolla

It’s not uncommon to hear a CHRO in the APAC region say that one of the biggest challenges they face today is the talent shortage. Such is the case for Prasanth Narayanan, director and CHRO for Carnival Group, who says the growing economy in India is driving a substantial supply and demand gap. What’s refreshing to hear is Carnival’s proactive strategy to get ahead of curve.

Narayanan explains that the organisation has worked hard to develop an attractive employee value proposition (EVP), “Come Celebrate, Yourself & Work”, which allows them to attract the right candidates—ones that reflect the company values and purpose.

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C-TEN and TALENT Programs Officially Launch!


By D. Zachary Misko

Sensitivity, confidentiality, and insight are all required of great HR leadership. However, the nature of most HR issues requires the utmost discretion. In perhaps no other role does the phrase “lonely at the top” describe daily life as well as it does for the CHRO. There is no more daunting task than to help an organization get hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of employees all striving in the same direction and all agreeing to common goals and cultural precepts. However, where do HR leaders go for advice, support, or best practices? There are few answers to that question that come even close to the many choices available for other C-suite officers.

For that reason, in a landmark collaboration, HRO Today magazine and the Wharton Center for Human Resources have combined forces to create the CHRO Today Executive Network (C-TEN), which officially launched in November of 2017, for CHROs. A program for talent acquisition leaders was also created and launched in January of 2018: the Talent Acquisition Leaders Executive Network Team (TALENT).

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