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AVANGRID, Inc. Appoints Peter Church Chief Human Resources Officer

Orange, CT – November 12, 2018 – AVANGRID Inc. (NYSE: AGR), a leading sustainable energy company, today announced the appointment of Peter Church as Chief Human Resources Officer. In this role, Church will oversee Human Resources, Information Technology and General Services.

Reporting to AVANGRID CEO James Torgerson, Church will be responsible for developing and executing human resource strategies in support of the overall company business plan and strategic direction of the organization.

“Peter is a great addition to the AVANGRID management team as we think about the AVANGRID culture and employer brand reputation,” said James Torgerson, CEO of AVANGRID. “He brings a great balance of practical HR process experience and big picture thinking around workplace culture and employer brand.”

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HR Winners and Losers in the News

HRO Today

By Elliot H. Clark

This year, we’ve had a plethora of public stories that have involved HR-related topics. HR has a hard enough job dealing with everyday stuff like, umm, I don’t know hiring and retaining employees, making sure everyone is paid correctly, and managing a culture of respect and diversity. But add in these flashpoint issues and they precipitate crises. I’ve seen a few examples of HR winners and losers in the news lately, and many of them involve getting rid of problem employees. It reminds me how one of my first mentors told me: “Hire slowly and fire quickly if a problem arises.” I think that is by and large true. I know I am likely going to irritate both the right and the left below, but I’m here for HR, not political parties.

Winner: El Rancho Unified School District

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