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Editor’s Note: Lead On

HRO Today

By Debbie Bolla

At HRO Today Global, we understand that the role of Chief Human Resources Officer has drastically changed over the years. Once an overseer of administrative tasks and duties, today’s CHROs are responsible for those things—and so much more. In fact, recent research from ServiceNow finds that 65 per cent of CHROs say it’s their responsibility to drive corporate performance and 75 per cent of CHROs believe that their role has become more strategic in the past three years. And we have been acknowledging this transformation by recognising the strategic work of HR leaders through our annual CHRO of the Year Awards.

On our cover is a 2017 HRO Today Leader of Distinction award winner, Antonio Climent. The vice president of HR for EMEAA joined Laureate International Universities, a network of private higher education institutions, because he loved the mission of improving the lives of people through education. Climent was recognised for his efforts in transforming a multi-country decentralised model to a global company with a single culture.

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