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Game On?

Although still in its infancy, gamification has the potential to be an effective candidate engagement tool in APAC.

By The Editors

A recent study from HRO Today and PeopleScout found that the use of gamification in HR is still new in the APAC region and varies greatly in the individual countries that comprise this region. Where is it most popular? Talent acquisition and employee training programmes see the value in adding gamification elements. It is also a great tool for building an organisation’s talent pool

Organisations are considering gamification because they want a competitive edge. The concept is inspired by video games, and companies are looking to interact with candidates in a way that’s familiar to them. The research found that millennials, particularly males, are the demographic who will first be exposed to gamification.

Specific Findings


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Back For More

Boomerang employees are showing their value in APAC’s liquid labour market.

By Christa Elliott

It’s always difficult to watch an employee move on to a different company and opportunity, but thanks to a new global trend in job seeking and hiring, the dreaded resignation letter isn’t always a final goodbye. “Boomerang employees”—workers who leave their job, only to return to their former employer after subsequent roles—have become a worker classification all their own.

Who are these boomerang employees? Some are retirees who choose to return to work for financial reasons or because the retired life doesn’t suit them. Others are younger workers who leave their organisation in search of marketable skills and then return once they have enough experience for a more senior role. On the whole, the trend indicates a growing desire amongst employees around the globe for professional development and learning opportunities at work.

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Talent Grabbers

Four strategies that organisations can leverage to attract and retain top performers.

By Debbie Bolla

Despite the challenges they face, recent research from Harvey Nash shows that a whopping 90 per cent of HR professionals in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region are optimistic. And with good reason. APAC is one of the fastest-developing areas in the world, with multinational organisations setting up in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Manila, and other regions. This means that competition for talent is fierce, and strategic attraction and retention approaches are no longer just nice to have—they are must-haves.

“National and global organisations in growth mode are putting pressure on the talent market,” says Rachele Focardi, Universum’s senior vice president of employer branding and talent strategy, APAC. “The diversity and complexity across Asian markets call for a highly localised approach and the rise of the millennials, and now Gen Z on the way, has changed the rules of the game.

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Forget Full Time

An examination of the growing use of freelance talent in the APAC region.

By The Editors

Recent research from HRO Today and Allegis Global Solutions found that the use of freelancers in the APAC region is growing rapidly, with 45 per cent of respondents anticipating the use of freelancers will increase in the next 24 months. Use of freelancers over the past two years also increased, albeit more modestly, as nearly a quarter of respondents reported an increase during that time.

What positions do freelancers fill? Technology maintenance, and development, such as website, IT and software, were the most common job roles. Freelance talent is also often applied in the creative realm, including in graphic design, writing, and content.

Where do organisations source this talent? LinkedIn was the only source used by more than 50 per cent of respondents; universities took the second spot, used by 48 per cent of study participants.

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Editor’s Letter: Eye on APAC

Talent: It’s on the mind on nearly every HR professional no matter the region and it’s certainly making a large impact in Asia Pacific (APAC). According to a Harvey Nash Human Resources Survey, the pressure is on HR to retain and develop talent in 2017. Priorities of employee retention and motivation grew by 6 per cent; culture development by 4 per cent; and leadership capabilities increasing by 16 per cent.

That’s a main reason that HRO Today Global wanted to produce a special issue for APAC leaders to use as a resource when developing talent plans. Do you have authentic employer branding messaging? When recruiting, do you consider the cultural fit of the candidates? Have you offered a career development programme during the first six month of hire? Did you know the third most important career goal to Asian millennials is being dedicated to a cause—how does your organisation support that? Learn more about how these strategic attraction and retention approaches are making difference, with our trends story, Talent Grabbers, on page 6.

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