HRO Today Membership Summit

October 18, 2018
Convene at Cira Centre
2929 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA
(267) 519-5260

The HRO Today Membership Summit is a conference and training retreat for the HR services and technology providers, analysts and practitioners working in or with a services partner.

Training to improve the efficiency of processes and protocols, learning the standards of ethical performance, and a certification program for providers were all important components of this year’s summit.

Executives joined us to learn, network and advance the HR outsourcing industry with a comprehensive agenda of educational programming.  In addition, the 2018 North America winners of the HRO Today Association’s annual awards, announced in previous years at the HRO Today Forum North America, were announced during this event at a special reception.


Featured Presenters Included:

Elliot Clark
CEO, Publisher
HRO Today Global
Debbie Bolla
Editorial Director
HRO Today
Zachary Misko
HRO Today Services and Technology Association
Gerry Crispin
Principal & Co-Founder
Larry Basinait
Vice President – Market Research
HRO Today Magazine
Catherine T. Barbieri
Fox Rothschild LLP
Brian Bules
Global Head of Innovation, Strategy & Operations, GSK

Some highlighted sessions include:

Standards, Practices and Certifications, hosted by Elliot Clark, CEO
The HR services and technology industry has companies filled with professionals committed to premium service. However, not all provider organizations deliver services or technology at the same level of competence. The HRO Today Services and Technology Association is committed to helping leading providers stand out from the crowd. With the assistance of the membership community and the attendees of this Summit, we intend to create an industry-wide Standard of Ethics and Performance. This may be one of the most important conversations to be held in this industry in decades. In addition, the Association would like attendee feedback during this session on a certification process for providers that demonstrate their commitment to these important principles. Be sure to attend this special extended session interactive workshop to be part of the conversation!

A Data Driven Approach to Understanding Client Trust and Operational Excellence, hosted by Larry Basinait, VP of Market Research
Most providers seek to enjoy a relationship with a high level of trust with their clients. Years of HRO Today Magazine Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings research shows how critically important that is for project management professionals and provider leadership organizations. This interactive presentation will show how trust measures correlate and impact the overall perceptions of service. Customers’ comments will be used to highlight these data points (redacted for identity) and to demonstrate how the dimension of trust can drive likelihood of renewal and hamper the ability to upsell. This will give managers much needed data to use to justify training and investment in operational talent.

Additional Sessions include:

  • Optimizing Candidate Experience
  • What You Need to Know About Indemnification of HR Service Contracts
  • Modernizing the Talent Acquisition Process



We spend so much time working IN the industry, we need to spend time working ON the industry.

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“The question I judge a conference by is, ‘Was my time invested well, am I getting an ROI on it?’ And I can definitely say the HRO Today Forum provides a return on my investment.”
—Carol Robinette, VP of Talent Management, American Red Cross

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—Peter Cappelli, Director of the Center for Human Resources, The Wharton School

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—John Wilson, CEO, WilsonHCG

“Just like doctors can be their own worst patients, HR practitioners can sometimes forget that they need to be their own self-rejuvenating referral source, and the HRO Today Forum gives us a great platform for it.”
—Karen Feeney, Senior HR Operations Manager, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“The HRO Today Forum gives us a direct opportunity to connect with CHROs, talent acquisition leaders, really high caliber individuals who are changing the future of our industry.”
—Kristin Wright, CMO, Cielo