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HRO Today’s Winners’ Circle

Looking for a service provider? Here are readers leading vendors.
by HROT Staff
Employers searching for outsourced service providers have a lot of choices—so much so that sometimes the selection process may be overwhelming. Over the years, HRO Today has provided guidance through our Baker’s Dozen and Top Providers listings, which rank providers based on quality of service, breadth of service, and size of deals. These appear in various issues throughout the year: learning outsourcing in the January/February issue (see p. 33); relocation in the May issue; recruitment in the July/August issue; recognition in the September issue; and screening in the November issue. To help buyers more easily find the top vendors, we’ve compiled a listing of the top three for each domain. Although by no means should you limit your considerations to only the ones listed here, we hope this compilation will at least help serve as a starting point. Be sure to check our web site ( for the full listing of top providers for each domain.
Provider: Prudential Relocation, Inc.
Number of Relocations in 2007: 45,000
Ranking: No. 1
Web Address:
Description: Prudential Relocation is a full-service global mobility management firm with clients including global Fortune 500 companies, smaller companies, and U.S. government agencies. Prudential Relocation, operating as Pricoa Relocation in Asia and Europe, has locations in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

Provider: Cartus
Number of Relocations in 2007: 132,000
Ranking: No. 2
Web Address:
Description: Cartus serves the corporate, military, government, and affinity markets with outsourcing, consulting, language, and intercultural training and
mobility management support.

Provider: Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. (WRRI)
Number of Relocations in 2007: 28,750
Ranking: No. 3
Web Address:
Description: Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. (WRRI) offers best-practice services for relocation and assignment management for some of the world’s largest companies to help them avoid inventory, increase employee home sales, enhance mobile workforce management, and reduce program costs.

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Shedding Light on Outsourced Screening

When REC Solar faced growing pains from strong demand of its solar panel products, HR turned to an integrated solution that made the hiring process light years better.

by Russ Banham

With energy costs spiraling upward across the country, many businesses and consumers are turning to solar energy as an affordable and “greener” alternative than buildings powered by more traditional forms of electricity. The growing trend toward renewable sources of power is fueling explosive growth at companies that install solar panels.  Among these is REC Solar, Inc., based in San Luis Obispo, CA.

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Top Outsourced Screening Services Provider

Employment screening service buyers rank their providers based on quality, scope, and breadth of service.

by HROT Staff

Life is full of ironies. In our annual examination of the outsourced employment screening market, we adopted a new approach this year in compiling the list. In the past, we relied on industry input to determine the biggest vendors in this segment, and what we discovered was that this was not a reliable indicator. So when we decided to ask buyers about their outsourcing experience, we figured they would be a more independent group of judges.

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In Screening Marketplace, Employers Look for Turnkey

Integrated solutions incorporating technology and multiple lines of service come together to help speed up the hiring process and offer access to data.

by Andy Teng

Want to find cutting-edge practitioners of outsourced screening services? Catch a flight out to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and then hop on a 15-minute cab ride to the western suburb of Addison, IL, home to Chamberlain College of Nursing. There you’ll find Vickie Mudra, the college’s national director of strategic alliances, feeling much more assured of her organization’s student screening efforts since they were outsourced under an integrated program.

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Improving Screening Services Through Technology and Product Integration

EMployers have always needed fast and accurate services, but today’s game changer is the use of innovative technology to quickly retrieve and view records.

by Andy Teng

As HR leaders look to transform their organizations, the outsourcing of non-core functions is a key pillar of that effort. But deciding on exactly which services to outsource and which ones to retain has been an age-old dilemma for everyone who has ever considered
HR transformation.

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Baker’s Dozen Workplace Screening: Provider Aids Sutter Health with Policy and Compliance Support

In an end-to-end service relationship, a California hospital chain consolidates screening service vendors and discovers that a partnership with a single provider can lead to greater benefits.

by Carolyn Beghin, Director of HR, Sutter Health

Human Resources has evolved over the years as we’ve placed greater emphasis on strategic communications and explored new ways to work more efficiently. Today, we’re using data and metrics to manage our work, and we’re including a branding strategy to help attract and retain the very best employees.

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Baker’s Dozen: Workplace Screening— Case Study:Staffing Firm Finds a Better Option In Outsourcing Screening Services

Parker Staffing Says its initial service provider failed to deliver. But engaging An alternative solution led to better results.

by Todd Owens, General Manager, Screening Services, Intelius, Inc.

A privately held staffing company based in Seattle, Parker Staffing Service, LLC, provides temporary, contract, and full-time work in administrative, call center, IT, IS, development, QA, healthcare IT, and sales and marketing positions. Its staffing division focuses on the Pacific Northwest, while the technical and search divisions place candidates nationwide. In 1999, Parker decided to outsource background checks on every candidate it placed. Prioritized services with its first provider included SSN verification, seven-year background checks, credit checks, and employment and education verifications, depending on a candidate’s resume and client demand.

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On the Big Screen: Screening New and Existing Workers

The resume might say NYU graduate, but the skill set might be ABC Correspondence school. as employers step up vigilance in the hiring process, they are worried about not only candidates knocking at their doors but also the employees answering the call.

by Denise Doig

Picture this: there is an opening in your organization, and maybe you use a recruiter, send out an internal announcement, or post it on the company job board. Whatever method, you will have to shift through a slew of applicants.

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The Baker’s Dozen: Workplace Screening

The top 13 providers of full-service workplace screening.

by Denise Doig

This is the second year we have published a listing of workplace screening and security providers. Thanks to feedback from our readers and some helpful direction from industry leaders, we have taken steps to improve our approach. This year’s annual listing of the top 13 full-service screening providers has undergone notable changes. With more providers witnessing an upswing in screening activity, which has translated into growth, competition is stiff. Some names from last year are missing, some new names are on the list, but the core players are still present.

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All You Need to Know about Workplace Screening

Have you hired a new accountant but later realized he was counting on his fingers? Or maybe your new driver has a DWI conviction? By outsourcing workplace screening, you can easily find out how qualified a candidate really is before second-round interviews begin.

by Denise Doig

With improving technology and resources, workplace screening and security are no longer exclusive to government and military employers. Almost all organizations screen candidates in some fashion. Recent corporate scandals involving embezzlement and fraud have created greater public awareness on the importance of background screening. During the recent Hurricane Katrina disaster, it was discovered that former FEMA director Michael Brown was highly unqualified for his position because of numerous work history inconsistencies on his resumé.

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