Talent Acquisition

In the war for talent organizations must develop a multi-layered talent acquisition approach in order to gain a competitive edge and attract coveted passive candidates. A talent acquisition strategy should be high-touch—engaging with candidates throughout the entire lifecycle from application to hire to onboard. Technology powers organizations to elevate the candidate experience. Social media channels offer the opportunity to deliver engaging content and reinforce employment branding to top talent.

2018 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: RPO

HRO Today Baker's Dozen

View the results of this year’s RPO Baker’s Dozen ranking.

By The Editors

HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings are based solely on feedback from buyers of the rated services; the ratings are not based on the opinion of the HRO Today staff. We collect feedback annually through an online survey, which we distribute to buyers directly through our own mailing lists and indirectly through service providers. Once collected, response data for all providers with a statistically significant sample size are loaded into the HRO Today database for analysis.

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Out of the Shadows, Into the Spotlight

Disability Inclusion

What do Facebook, Walmart, CVS Health, and Voya Financial have in common? A strong disability inclusion program.

By Marta Chmielowicz

Twenty-eight years ago, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. Prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities and calling for reasonable accommodations for all who need them, this piece of legislation was a landmark victory in the fight for civil rights and equal opportunities.

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Building a Talent Ecosystem

Open Source Talent

An open source approach for recruiting today’s employees can deliver a competitive advantage.

By Antonis Christidis

Across the globe and across all industries, business leaders are facing the challenge of competing for digital talent to ensure their organizations are ready for the future of work. This is especially the case as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and ever-evolving forms of automation shape tomorrow’s business landscape.

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Here Comes Gen Z

Recruiting Gen Z

Showcasing purpose, growth, and flexibility is key to crafting an EVP that attracts younger workers.

By Marta Chmielowicz

For a long time, “millennial” has been the buzzword of the business world. HR professionals have been thinking of little else but benefits to attract them, programs to develop them, and strategies to manage and retain them. But with Generation Z about to enter the workforce, all of that will change.

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Finding the Right Candidates


Two companies share their innovative approaches to interviewing and assessment.

By Marta Chmielowicz

Organizations are facing unique challenges that are increasing the pressure on HR to get the right candidates in the right positions as quickly as possible. Take, for example, Community Health Network.

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D&I in DNA

Diversity and Inclusion

Strategies to help organizations build a connection between D&I goals and business results.

By Amy Cappellanti-Wolf

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” That’s a quote from renowned management guru Peter Drucker—one that vividly illustrates the delicate and important relationship between a company’s culture and its business goals. Many organizations invest a great deal of time and money into building that elusive “winning culture” through in-depth engagement studies and large-scale initiatives that result in multi-year strategies for change. But it can be easy to overlook some of the simple ways to create a place where people feel inspired to reach their potential and help their company do the same.

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Step by Step

Talent Acquisition

Two talent leaders share strategies that are ensuring success in the candidate-driven market.

By Debbie Bolla

Todays’ talent acquisition leaders have a very clear understanding of how each step in the hiring process can impact the end result. Sourcing strategies are critical in finding the right candidates and then once found, there is great pressure to deliver a positive experience in order to attract that key talent. Here, David Schubert, assistant vice president of HR, talent acquisition, and employee development for Baptist Health South Florida, and Scott R. Sell, vice president of talent selection and executive recruitment for Mercy, share their proactive approaches in today’s tight talent market.

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HR and Hiring Managers Eye-to-Eye

Hiring Managers

New research shows where this duo agrees—and disagrees—when it comes to performance.

By Larry Basinait

In a time when worldwide unemployment rates are reaching historic lows, recruiters are under increasing pressure to fill positions quickly. Hiring managers are faced with their own challenges during the hiring process. But how do the two parties really feel about the state of recruiting and internal hiring processes at their companies? What do they think about each other and the support of their mutual goals?

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The New Reality of Recruiting


What this year’s data says about how today’s practices need to evolve.

By Elliot Clark

In each September edition of HRO Today, we feature our Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). This year’s services scores are down—and not down a little. They are down a lot. And based on our analysis of the trend research, we think the reasons are driven by both providers and practitioners. How could the client be at fault? First, I didn’t say the providers were not also culpable. I said both, so strap on your seat belts and keep your hands and arms inside the “Statistical Geek Van” and try to enjoy the ride while we unpack the data sets.

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All Aboard


Debbie Kemp shares the keys to a successful onboarding process—and why it matters.

By Debbie Bolla

As a global human resources and operations leader, Debbie Kemp understands the impact a strategic onboarding process can have on the bottom line. Simply put: It takes time and money to hire the right talent so it’s critical that organizations take a few steps not to lose them, she says. Here, the member of the CHRO Today Executive Network (C-TEN) explains who owns onboarding, effective approaches, and their impact on retaining talent.

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