When it comes to choosing an end-to-end or single-process HRO provider, we look to the experiences and challenges of others in an attempt to shorten the decision making process for faster results. There are typically 5 stages in any deal – evaluating, procuring, implementing, operating, renewal – and here we will assess how to navigate this. By popular request we will also investigate how to maximize working with procurement on requirements for changes to structure, processes and systems to enable new business needs.

Centralizing Talent Acquisition

Learn how and why today’s organisations are moving toward a total talent approach. By Michael Switow From direct sourcing, alumni referrals, RPO, and redeployment to full-time workers, freelancers, SOWs, interns, and robots, the universe of talent acquisition has never been more complicated. Contemporary HR and talent acquisition (TA) professionals now manage more than a dozen potential talent streams, with one eye on recruiting and retaining the right workforce and another on keeping costs under control. “Decision-making for talent today is decentralised, and I think we can see that when we are really looking at the type of talent that we’re trying to bring in,” says AgileOne’s president Peter Carvalho. “Suppliers right now seem to be pushing the overall total talent strategy.” Carvalho should know. His company works with more than 2,000 suppliers, whilst serving as a single point of contact for a broad range of clients across 17 industries.

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Innovation Ahead

HR can expect transformation in every sector in 2018. By Amy L. Gurchensky HR partnerships and engagements have remained in a stable state of predictability for years, but changes within the business landscape are now occurring at an increasingly accelerated pace. Organizations are experiencing industrywide transformation, and HR services are being forced to respond. This reaction is yielding great innovation which is happening at a fast rate. This is also driving the need for transparency and investments in technology across all HR functions. Based on research and this year’s activity, there are key developments within each HR sector from 2017, and a roundup of trends for 2018. Payroll In payroll, the focus is on technology first and services second. By the end of 2017, approximately 80 percent of payroll service contracts will be delivered on cloud systems. Cloud adoption is also beginning to move downstream to the small- to medium-sized enterprise market.

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Top Trends

A Q&A with Accenture's Veerle Dero By Debbie Bolla What are the top trends in HR today? Business, technology, economic, and societal trends continually play a role in shaping the future of HR. Some of these trends include: • Digital radically disrupts HR: Technology will enable talent management to become an integral part in the fabric of everyday business. • Social media drives the democratization of work: As organizations rely on people at all levels to co-create solutions across boundaries, HR’s role is shifting from convincing others of their value to educating workers on how to co-create talent solutions with HR and one another. • HR drives the agile organization: As the world becomes more volatile, organizations need to  find ways to become highly agile. HR will need to support a world where people may no longer have predefined “jobs” that lock them into doing one activity. • The rise of an extended workforce: Companies will be increasingly composed of an ever-shifting network and highly diverse global talent pool of contractors, temporary staff, business partners, outsourcing providers, and even the general public.

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8 keys to Europe: What matters now for practitioners?

Tough competition, stagnant economy, and some great new tools By Bill Hatton What do HR pros in Europe need to know about recruiting and RPO in the next year to prevent being blindsided? We put this question to Jan Mueller, Managing Director, EMEA Solutions, Futurestep, based in Munich, Germany. Jan has been in recruitment for almost 20 years and in the RPO industry for 10 years. He generously shared his insights with HRO Today Global on the state-of-the-market in Europe:
  1. The lay of the land in Europe shows a market that’s maturing, versus a United Kingdom that has matured. “There are companies within the European region that don’t yet have a dedicated recruitment function, but rather still have HR generalists who do everything. It tends to be Central European countries, as well as the likes of Germany and France, who are still catching up, whereas in the UK we are seeing a very mature market.”
  2. The European economy is stagnant.

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Editor’s Letter: What’s impacting Global HR?

By Bill Hatton In this edition, we have a terrific follow-up to last issue’s investigations of HR in China and India. Our APAC correspondent, Michael Switow, delves deeper into India itself and focuses on the issue of attrition—and how that will affect HR and HR outsourcing. That story begins on page 38. We also have our annual Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). The RPO Baker’s Dozen is our most popular rating. We rate enterprise leaders, healthcare leaders, and emerging leaders. Note: The European ratings will be announced during the 10-12 November HRO Today Forum EU in Amsterdam. The current ratings begin on page 10. Speaking of the HRO Today Forum EU, our cover story focuses on the CHRO of the Year nominees – the winners will be announced at the November forum. Elliot Clark explains the nature of the honor in his letter on page 5, and in the story we highlight the nominees. It starts on page 6. Later in the issue, starting on page 59, we have our Forum Preview, which features many of the outstanding speakers we’ve lined up for the event.

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HRO Today Global 2016 Resource Guide

We know that the readers of HRO Today Global magazine turn to us as the go-to resource in the industry-a resource that delivers trends, insights, and the top resources for all of their human resources operations and service needs. In our 2016 Resource Guide, we showcase providers and product vendors across 14 sectors of HR services.

Here you will find providers of everything from recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to benefits administration to multiprocess HRO, not to mention a treasure trove of HR technology, consulting services, and other ancillary products. We hope that our 2016 Resource Guide will serve you well as a starting point in your search for an appropriate vendor.

Click here to view the HRO Today Global 2016 Resource Guide

Editor’s Note: Talented Technology

By Debbie Bolla Editor-in-Chief September is one of our most popular issues of the year since we release the highly anticipated Baker’s Dozen ranking of the industry’s top recruitment process outsourcing providers. This year’s enterprise, mid-tier, and healthcare leaders are revealed. It also inspires us to gain extra insight from these experts on what is emerging in the talent game. And it’s not surprising that we learned that technology continues to be pivotal in the process. “Nowadays if you don’t position your employment brand as tech-savvy and sophisticated, you won’t attract the people you need to attract,” reports Eileen Benwitt, Horizon Media’s chief talent officer, in Russ Banham’s cover story, A Whole New Ball Game. To achieve this, the media company integrated all of their social media recruitment efforts and made sure job postings could be accessed via mobile devices. The story dives deep into the explosion of mobile apps and cloud-based technologies that are delivering that sought-after candidate experience.

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The Best Global HR Pros and Best HR Ideas

A quick look inside the HRO Today Forum Europe 2015 By The Editors Look to network with your peers, hear from industry experts, get the latest on HR technology and analytics, and offer your own take on critical HR issues facing global companies? If so, consider our HRO Today Forum Europe 2015. It’s scheduled for 10-12 November 2015 at Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Here’s an early look at the Forum’s events:
  • HRO Today Europe Awards Gala. This is our annual CHRO of the Year awards dinner (separate admission) to recognize outstanding global HR performance. Each year, we choose outstanding HR leaders who have driven innovation, and have the metrics, such as employee engagement and retention of good employees, to back it up. They provide a strategic partnership to drive talent acquisition and management, business growth, and a culture that can lead in a global workforce.

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India: The World’s HR Capital?

Not yet, but it wants to be—and here’s why they might get there By Michael Switow Standing at podiums in front of business audiences throughout the late ‘90s and early 2000s, then CEO and Chairwoman of Ogilvy & Mather Shelly Lazarus used to tell executives about the clearest brief she had ever received from a client, Indian Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. “When people think of India, I want them to think software, not elephants,” Chidambaram told her. Since then, India’s information technology industry—which includes business process outsourcing (BPO) and I.T. Services— has skyrocketed, accounting for more than seven percent of GDP, generating revenue of nearly US$150 billion annually and employing nearly 3 million software developers. Some analysts believe India will overtake the US as the largest employer of developers in the world within three years. Now, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is upping the ante. “If China has emerged as the manufacturing capital of the world,” Modi recently said, “India can become the human resources capital of the world.

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China Going Strong

Still intense battles for talent By Michael Switow The headlines are bearish—‘China’s Stock Market
Bubble Bursts’, ‘Chinese Currency Experiences Biggest Depreciation in Decades’—but human resources professionals and a number of economists are still bullish on the world’s second largest economy. “Although the stock drop hit most sectors, it has yet to have an impact on hiring on the mass scale,” says HR Boss’ Director of Customer Success Andi Taufiq. “There are bigger issues that could affect the labour market such as the decline in the property market and shrinking workforce due to aging populations.” “None of my clients have decreased their hiring rate,” agrees Danny Zijun Zhang, PeopleScout’s senior director of operations for Asia-Pacific. “Most of my clients in Life Sciences, App Development and Real Estate are still trying to fetch more talent from overseas. The stock market drops won’t make a huge impact. Everyone still wants a piece of China.

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