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True Engagement Leads to Meaningful Retention

In leading companies, efforts to retain employees begin even before they are formally hired. These organizations understand that how job candidates are treated in the recruiting process makes a lasting impression that carries over into employment.

When employees choose to leave in their initial months of a new job, it often suggests a recruiting issue.  But, research shows voluntary turnover beyond the first two or three months is usually a result of work environment, challenges in a manager-employee relationship, or the organization’s engagement practices.

This knowledge is causing industry leaders to take a more proactive approach to employee retention, rather than simply accepting that certain workers will “cycle through” their business.

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The Return on Recognition: What the Science Says Works

Using recognition analytics and training to drive the return on engagement Recognition improves performance. Research has shown that managers who are skilled at recognition have higher-performing staffs across a wide range of performance metrics. Research also has shown that managers who do not properly recognize employees – or fail to recognize at all or rarely recognize their people – have staffs that perform lower in a variety of employee performance outcomes. These employees tend to feel less valued and thus demonstrate lower levels of engagement and are at risk of flight. When managers fail to recognize workers in a timely and meaningful manner, they risk depressing the performance of their teams. Therefore, organizations need a way to track recognition that is going on (or not going on) in their organization as well as the effectiveness of the recognition. Fortunately, recognition is a skill that can be learned. Managers can become better at it, and today’s technology can help identify their individual gaps and train them to become better people managers by giving proper and effective recognition to their employees.

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How to Increase Success: Improve the Hiring Manager Experience

News flash everyone - with all the buzz surrounding the candidate experience, have we ever stopped to think that if we put just as much effort in the hiring manager ‘experience’ our success could be that much greater? Let’s look at a typical scenario for both the candidate and the hiring manager ‘experience.' The CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE has you arriving at a beautiful website, via computer, smartphone or tablet full of visual stimulation, information and communication. From the moment you arrive you feel impressed, inspired and engaged as the ‘experience’ makes you want to join, participate and become part of the team! The HIRING MANAGER EXPERIENCE begins with waiting. Waiting for requisitions to open, waiting for the recruiter, and waiting for resumes. Throughout the process many times there is a feeling of insufficient communication, misalignment and feeling ‘in the dark.' Maybe it’s time we tried a different perspective. What if we viewed the hiring manager experience as important as the candidate experience? How could the experience be equal to that of the candidate and what could those outcomes provide to overall hiring success? Continue reading →

Driving Diversity

The importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) has come to the forefront in recent years, with the labor market becoming increasingly competitive and large organizations making substantial investments to their programs. Diversity of all kinds—race, age, sexual orientation—has the power to bring a sought-after advantage to organizations looking to attract and retain today’s best talent.

To read more highlights from Randstandt Sourceright’s white paper: “Turn Diversity and Inclusion into a Talent Strength: A Six-Pack Strategy For Driving Measurable Improvements” with commentary from Peter Vermeulen, Head of HR Americas, the Linde Group, click here.

5 Updated Recruitment Rules to Help You Source Top Talent

Are you searching for the impossible candidate?  Outdated recruiting practices and unrealistic expectations can cause you to pass on a candidate that could be perfect for the job.

Staff Management | SMX’s ebook identifies five updated recruitment rules to help you source talent in today’s marketplace.

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The Globalization of RPO

RPO markets are emerging all over the world, presenting diverse conditions and creating a serious challenge for global RPO providers.

A global RPO presence requires careful consideration of multiple variables, such as market maturity, compliance, cultural differences, complex client needs, language barriers and more. Many RPO providers will see limited success with a “one-size-fits-all” RPO solution, but proactive planning can create a solid RPO foundation in various regions.

This latest white paper from PeopleScout creates an understanding of global RPO and demonstrates that an investigation of RPO markets, combined with common solutions, can put an RPO provider on the fast track to global success.

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The Inescapable Truths About Talent Acquisition: Invest – It Saves Lives

Under-investment in HR costs lives. It interferes with a healthcare organization’s mission.  Actually, it more than interferes—It threatens the mission.  It lowers quality of care, damages a healthcare organization’s reputation, makes it more difficult to recruit top-quality talent, and hurts the bottom line. Strong words.  How do we know this is true? We asked HR professionals at leading healthcare organizations.  We have heard about their pain. They are struggling to find the high-quality healthcare professionals necessary to keep census up and provide high-quality care, and they need help. They've made the business case for doing what is absolutely necessary to get the right people in their organizations. This white paper shows the business case for investing in healthcare recruiting—why it’s absolutely necessary, what’s really at stake, and how investment in HR recruiting will free up resources in the long term to make real and lasting change. Continue reading →

Hiring Manager Experience: Where It Goes Wrong – And How To Get It Right

With Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer, iCIMS

Talk to hiring managers, and 61 percent say recruiters have a “low” level of understanding of the jobs for which they’re recruiting. Talk to recruiters, and 80 percent believe they have a “high” to “very high” understanding of those same jobs.

Further, 80 percent of hiring managers say recruiters inadequately screen candidates. And hiring managers consistently complain recruiters do not have an adequate talent pool to draw from when they have to source frequently filled positions. Result: Real frustration among hiring managers and recruiters alike.

That’s according to Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer of iCIMS. Susan recently offered her insights on hiring manager experience.

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‘Quality, Price, Speed’: Now You Can Have Them All

Geometric Results, Inc.’s (GRI) Talent Cloud Solution takes guesswork out of timing contingent labor need, boosting performance across the board, says Brandy Cline, client services executive at GRI There’s a broadly applicable rule of thumb in business: “It can be good. It can be cheap. It can be quick. Pick any two.” That was true for contingent labor until the talent cloud came along. Talent clouds allow companies to create cloud-based virtual benches so there are qualified candidates ready when a contingent labor need arises. Because the talent cloud relies on automation, it cuts out some manual recruiting effort, which reduces price. Geometric Results, Inc. (GRI), an MSP partnering with talent cloud technology provider Genesys, is able to offer their clients a reduction in the usual markup for contingent labor to levels below the typical 40%. And it works – in its first few months, the GRI/Genesys partnership has delivered these results to their joint clients: • A technology company placed 30 candidates via the talent cloud in the first 30 days, which resulted in over $370,000 in annualized cost savings.

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It’s Not An RPO… It’s Not A BPO… It’s Workforce Solutions At Its Best

It’s your personal talent guru working side-by-side with you to conquer your talent needs

RPO has been around for years. Industry leaders see RPO as a competitive advantage and rely on their providers to recruit and hire their much needed talent. Karen Browne, President and COO of EG Workforce Solutions, sees the relationship between companies and vendors evolving constantly.

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