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Worker Confidence Index Report: First Quarter 2017

The Worker Confidence Index (WCI) increased for the fifth consecutive quarter and set a new level for this study.  The WCI rose 3.1 points to 107.6 in the first quarter, which is 10.9 points higher than one year ago.

In addition, two out of the four components of the WCI – likelihood of promotion and raise – rose by more than nine points, while job stability and trust in leadership slightly declined.

There is also is a dichotomy in worker confidence.  Those feeling secure about their jobs are thriving, but an increasing percentage isn’t even confident they wouldn’t lose their job.  The economy is also a concern.

What else does the report reveal that impacts HR?  Find out by downloading the full report now:

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Catch Me if You Can: How to Choose the Best Pre-employment Screening Solution

Nearly a third of employers don’t prescreen for trouble.  That’s what a new study shows about background checking.

The stakes are higher now for companies than they’ve ever been. In a tight labor market, there’s enormous pressure to hire more employees quickly; in particular, data and physical security are paramount.

There is also a lack of quantification about the impact of background screening providers. More than three-quarters of study respondents weren’t aware of any formal metrics for measuring the success of their background screening provider service.

Is HR taking background screening seriously enough?  What are the key factors to consider when selecting a provider?  Download the report to find out:

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Open Sales Territories Mean Lost Revenue – What is the Real Cost of Your Sales Rep Turnover?

The impact of hiring the right sales people at the right time can scarcely be overstated.  Without sales driving top-line revenue, every other part of the organization will fail, no matter how well the other departments have executed their responsibilities. This study shows that while most HR professionals know the cost per hire of a sales representative, they are in the dark about the cost of not hiring quickly.  Despite the high stakes of top-quality sales hires, companies often fail to track the metrics they need to best decide about sales force staffing.  And HR often remains in the dark about the impact of hiring, or not hiring, new members of the sales team. How can you find out what the impacts of staffing levels are at your organization?  Find out by benchmarking against the report and inputting your organization's information into this report's sales recruiting calculator. Continue reading →

The Growing Crisis in Healthcare Talent Acquisition Webinar

The growing gap of unfilled clinical and nonclinical jobs poses a serious economic and quality challenge for healthcare providers. But healthcare organizations that use experienced partners to support their talent acquisition function can drive 1.3 times more effective business outcomes. The white paper, The Growing Crisis in Healthcare Talent Acquisition: Best Practice Solutions, developed by HRO Today and AMN Healthcare, sheds light on how an advanced partnership approach to talent acquisition with workforce solutions experts is necessary in the superheated environment of healthcare staffing that exists today. Watch the webinar as we discuss the findings of the white paper, including:
  • How organizations can address the high and growing cost of unfilled healthcare jobs
  • What healthcare HR teams can do to enhance their talent acquisition model
  • Why it is imperative that healthcare organizations adequately invest in recruiting
Join Chris Scowden, Vice President, RPO Operations, AMN Healthcare, and lliot Clark, Chairman & CEO, HRO Today, in a discussion about addressing the growing crises in healthcare talent acquisition today.

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