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Included in HRO Today Association membership, Professional Development Livestream Sessions offer opportunities to learn best practices from industry thought leaders in a compact and convenient format that fits perfectly into the crowded schedules of today’s executives. 

Sessions are offered in the following topic areas:


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Interested in sharing how you developed a successful initiative or conquered a particularly challenging obstacle? Livestream Sessions are an ideal platform for connecting with peers and conveying your message. Contact Wendy Metzgar, Director of Membership Services, at to suggest presenters and/or topics. 


Upcoming Livestream Sessions: View and Register

Geoff Dubinski


This timely livestream session will clarify key terms related to sexual harassment and gender discrimination, using real examples to show what does NOT fall under these categories.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Very few interpersonal conflicts at work qualify as discrimination
  • Very few negative interactions are retaliation
  • Simply reciting legal definitions is not enough — live training is a must to truly clarify what IS discrimination


Learn how behavioral power skills can enhance employees’ real potential at work and set them apart from others, especially when it comes to being identified as the future talent senior management is searching for internally.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Behavioral power skills are now more valuable to both employers and employees
  • Hard skills are soft and soft skills are hard (they are difficult to build and take extreme effort to obtain)
  • Learn the key to career progression


In this interactive session, HRO Today Association leadership will review research reports released in the first quarter of 2020, as well as preliminary data that is being finalized. HRO Today‘s research into how HR executives feel the pandemic is impacting their organizations will also be discussed.——————————————————————————————————————-

Participants: Larry Basinait, Vice President, Marketing Research, SharedXpertise; Zachary Misko, Global Executive Director Emeritus, HRO Today Association



The workforce is rapidly changing what it expects from a job, and it’s no secret that the workplace is struggling to keep up. Most companies are applying band-aid fixes to outdated methods of employee engagement, rather than embracing much more effective and modern processes. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to track people analytics in a feedback-first workplace
  • Rethinking organizational structure and embracing reverse power dynamics
  • Embracing the “Work-family” model to maximize performance
  • Leveraging technology to return to employee engagement basics


Full Library of On-Demand Livestream Sessions

On-Demand: Talent Acquisition (Member login required)


Lindsay Stanton

Phil Strazzulla

Valerie Egan

Darren Findley

 Jim Stroud

Ivan Casanova

Wallace Davis

Johnny Campbell

Sunil Bagai

Wallace Davis

Sean Pomeroy

Lindsay Stanton

Greg Summers

Steve Lowisz

Albert Qian

Ravi Mikkelsen

John Hall

Forman Johnson

Johnny Campbell

Matt Charney

Kristin Shulman

John Wilson and Alison Hadden

Lauren Bleimann

Jed Milstein

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On-Demand: Talent Management (Member login required)

Lisa Forman Johnson

Chris Edmonds

Greg Newman


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On-Demand: Employee Relations and Services (Member login required)


Eamonn Eaton

Dave Basham

Mike Haberman

Natalie Klyashtorny

Jon Velie

Lori Armstrong-Halber

Nick Patel

Dave Basham

Joy Pettirossi-Poland

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Robin Schooling

Jai Shah

Lyn Boyer

On-Demand: Outsourcing (Member login required)

Stacey Cadigan

Pete Tiliakos


Phil Strazzulla

Jill Barber and Jim O’Connell

Jennifer Beck

Lindsay Stanton

David Secunda

Cassie Pike

Lizz Pellet

Todd Alan Ewan

Wayne Turmel

Mike Figliuolo

Mark Hedley

Eamonn Eaton

Dan Abouav

Kevin McDonald

Garrett Whisenant

Gary Bragar

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On-Demand: Research Roundup (Member login required)

Larry Basinait


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On-Demand Archives: More Topics (Member login required) 


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Mark Willaman

Julie Fernandez

Andrew Gadomski

Jeff Croyle

Jason Ryan

Rob Line

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TLC Talks: Learn Best Practices in Minutes (Member login required)

Mike Ryan

Stacey Cadigan

Dilal Ranasinghe

Debora Card

Andrea Farmer

Peter Hart

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