Thought Leadership Councils

The Thought Leadership Councils (TLCs) are groups within the Association that members can join to drive learning and development within HR. Each Council meets via teleconference on a monthly basis, providing our members the opportunity to interact with industry peers from around the globe. This enables you to get the most out of your membership and share successes, practices, and publish new findings including pulse discussions and webinars.

There are four Thought Leadership Councils in which members can join. Click on each one to find out more.

The TLCs will meet monthly, via, in one of the following 3 formats:

  • State of the Industry (overview of tools, products, best practices, general Association updates and Q & A)
  • Pulse Discussion/Webinar (a specific topic will be selected for a deep dive conversation among members)
  • Pulse Panel (a moderated panel comprised of a practitioner, provider and thought leader discussing a specific topic/competency)

For more information and to submit your name for consideration, contact Sam Chack, at