Talent Management Thought Leadership Council

Talent Management

Welcome to our Talent Management page. We offer several areas of topics for our Thought Leadership Councils. First, we offer engagement. Next, we offer recognition. Then, retention. Finally, motivation is our last topic category. We also offer learning and training development as well.

The functional thought leadership council (TLC) committees are designed to serve the membership. Their purpose is to serve HR professionals and the HR industry. By aligning practitioners and HR services and technology providers, we create a powerful network.

The TLCs serve the membership in the following ways:

  • Professional development and learning through valuable and engaging content
  • Opportunity for best practice sharing and state of the industry discussion
  • Opportunity for networking/introductions

Access additional resources on the TLC Webinars page.

If you would like more information about TLCs, contact Mark Donaldson at (215) 606-9524 or mark.donaldson@sharedxpertise.com.