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Blockchain: Breaking Down the Blocks – Abstract

You’ve heard of blockchain, but do you know exactly what it is, how it works, or why? The term “blockchain” has been made famous by its empowerment of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but the technology is finding a space in other industries as well. At Broadleaf, we’re here to help you make sense of this evolving technology and find different ways to use it to your advantage.

Find out how to leverage the power of blockchain in talent acquisition with Broadleaf’s latest white paper: Blockchain: Breaking Down the Blocks

MSP: A Guide to Getting Started and Seeing Success Infographic – Abstract

Did you know that 86% of best-in class organizations use MSPs to manage their contingent workforces? As the number of freelancers, independent contractors, and temporary employees is expected to rise significantly over the next decade, it will become more complicated than ever to source, screen, and onboard qualified candidates; manage billing duties; and ensure quality compliance.

Find out how MSPs can reduce your costs, streamline workflows, and increase your productivity in Broadleaf’s new infographic: MSP: A Guide to Getting Started and Seeing Success

Adapt & Adopt White Paper – Abstract

The business world moves a mile a minute, especially when it comes to workforce management. And in this industry, success depends on our ability to maximize cost savings, attract better talent, and enhance forecasting abilities. While standard MSPs will always be a key element to talent acquisition, businesses must learn how to implement a total talent management program (TTM) if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

Find out if you’re prepped for the future in Broadleaf’s latest white paper: Adapt & Adopt: Total Talent Management.


When the same jobs go unfilled month after month, it does more than hurt your bottom line. From a poorly perceived employment brand to impacting your organization’s ability to effectively recruit in the future, a failing recruitment strategy is a difficult trend to reverse.

Download this quick read from Yoh to uncover expert recruitment strategies to survive and navigate the ongoing talent shortage that is plaguing U.S. companies. Download the eBook now.

Talent Trends research: how HR tech is powering recruitment.

There’s no question that HR technology is helping companies improve their processes and talent acquisition results. But on the other hand, it can also be a great equalizer, keeping you from standing out as you seek to win the talent that will drive your company forward in a highly competitive market.

So, how are talent leaders making decisions about where AI, automation and other smart HR tech can really make a difference? Which recruitment tasks do they want machines (or people) to handle? How do employers across geographies and industries expect tech adoption to impact both their workers and candidates?

Find out in Randstad Sourceright’s Q3 issue of Talent Trends Quarterly. Based on research from more than 800 C-suite and human capital leaders in 17 countries, the report includes stats on talent technology strategies that you won’t find anywhere else, thought leadership and use cases from industry leaders, and our Tech Adoption and Tech Readiness indices. Download your copy now.

Conquering Complexity with the Help of an RPO Partner

Sevenstep explains how to bring clarity and simplicity to talent acquisition, particularly when working in partnership with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner.

Willing & Able: Do RPO Buyers Pay Enough Attention to Both?

Most top-tier Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies are ‘able’ – but the key to success is finding one that is also ‘willing’ to manage the change that comes with new priorities, challenges and expectations.

HROTA_Hiring_Metrics_Report_Cover_SmallDOWNLOAD NOW: HRO Today Services and Technology Association Staffing Metrics Report

Plan and prepare in a careful, thorough manner before taking action, or as a good friend in construction told me, measure twice, cut once. Easier said than done when we apply that same principle to a business process, and specifically, to the fast-paced world of recruitment.

The HRO Today Services and Technology Association finalized a research study conducted in regards to the key performance indicators used to evaluate the success of a company’s talent acquisition activities.  This report provides a pulse-check on how recruitment strategy and sourcing plans impact hiring metrics—it tracks how recruiting metrics are being used, and reveals what indicators will impact attracting and hiring great talent.  To plan, staff and budget a recruitment function, the only valid metrics are those which have been developed and tracked within one’s own organization over time, although comparisons help to ensure you have an industry benchmark.  Members are encouraged to view this data as a simple comparison of their own performance against national averag­es.

Sample findings include:  Nearly one-half of companies do not formally track where they get their candidates; the average cost per hire over time is changing due to the impact of Internet recruiting; predictive analysis is an upward trend, with the transportation/warehousing industry at the forefront; and much more data, across multiple industries.

Read conclusion of executive summary

Predicting the future of recruitment initiatives and candidate attraction and satisfaction is a difficult job.  Research, industry benchmarks and comparisons are all additional tools to assist you in evaluating and planning for the future hiring success of your companies and/or customers!  I hope you find these metrics and comparisons useful and utilize them to review and set your talent acquisition standards and practices.

Measure twice, hire once.  If you’d like to join the Association to gain access to this research:  click here.

3 Things Gen Xers Want Most from a Working Experience

Born between 1965 and 1980, Gen Xers currently represent about a third of the workforce. While they may not be the largest contingent in the workplace, they certainly are one of the most vital. Seasoned, reliable and self-assured, their ability to get the job done whether as managers, team leaders or solo practitioners makes them invaluable contributors across any growing organization.

So what does this generation value most from a working experience? How can today’s companies retain top performing Gen Xers while adding new ones to their leadership ranks? A new paper by Madison Performance Group focuses on those goals:

  • it explains how social recognition strengthens the employer/employee trust dynamic
  • it outlines why (and how) companies should celebrate and encourage a Gen Xer’s resourcefulness
  • and it talks about how recognition supports (and ultimately drives benefit from) the inherent leadership skills that Gen Xers bring to any business environment

Click here to read the full post.

Member Research: A Remarkable Recruiting Misalignment

Sevenstep’s 2018 Global Talent Acquisition Survey reveals that businesses are investing more in talent acquisition. Why? Desire and necessity. They have to invest more in recruitment because skill and talent shortages have increased the time, costs and challenges of making good hires. But are recruiters themselves seeing more investment in their careers and skills? Or is that influx of investment concentrated on programs—the systems, tools and tech that support recruiting? Click here to download the infographic. Click here to read the blog post.

Member Blog Post: Candidate Focus - RPO Vendors Can Up Their Game

NelsonHall recently published its Next Generation RPO market analysis and NEAT vendor assessment, which evaluated the expectations and satisfaction levels of RPO vendor clients across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. One of the emerging areas for improvement was working with candidates, including communication, satisfaction, targeting of passive candidates, and capability to deliver across diverse populations. In his blog post, member Gary Bragar discusses client expectations and where RPO providers can improve. Click here to read the blog post.

Hiring Metrics Study Updates - 2018

A recent update was done to HRO Today’s Hiring Metrics Survey and the infographics below highlight some of the key findings from respondents around their talent acquisition efforts:

For more information or for questions about research, contact Renee Preston at +1-215-606-9562 or at

Recruiting in the Age of Uber

Ten years ago, if you wanted to hail a cab, you either stepped out onto the street and waved your hand at a passing driver or you looked up a phone number and called the local taxi service.  Today, 40 million people choose a third option each month.  They pull out their smartphones, login to Uber, and catch a ride with one of the 460,000+ active drivers on the road in cities all across the United States.  It’s part of a growing segment of the workforce known as the gig economy.  Most people have heard the term, and 72% of us have used an on-demand service like Uber at some point.  But, do we really understand what the growing trend toward independent work means for our workforce and how it will affect the businesses that depend on a steady pipeline of skilled talent?  Download Hire Velocity’s ebook now to learn more:  Click here to view the ebook

The Complete Guide to Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The recruitment landscape has evolved significantly over the past decade.  With the advent of new technologies and data resources, companies can now target specific candidate matches based not only on skills but also on cultural fit and predictive behavior analysis.  But, candidates have more clout, too.  Shifts in the economy have handed job candidates a “Get Out of the Job Market Free” card, with many candidates having the option to take their pick of job offers.  What does that mean for recruiters?  Download Hire Velocity’s ebook now to find out:  Click here to view the ebook

Randstad Sourceright's Top 10 Talent Trends for 2018

Talent scarcity is one of the top three cited pain points in our 2018 Talent Trends survey of more than 800 C-suite and human capital leaders around the globe.  Despite this, only 11% plan to invest in training or reskilling existing employees to meet changing business goals this year.  What are they planning to do instead? Check out Trend Nine in Randstad Sourceright’s 2018 Talent Trends Report to find out, and access the other major trends talent leaders must navigate this year:  Click here to view the ebook

What is the State of Mobility Around the Globe?

What is the state of mobility around the globe?  Find out in this digital report on the “State of Mobility,” which summarises the trending topics and statistics gathered in 2017 at the global insideMOBILITY Summits, hosted by Graebel.  The benchmark survey data and trends comparisons show global consistency as well as regional differences across mobility programmes and policies:  Click here to view the report

Member Blog Post: Sevenstep RPO’s Employee Care Focus

Sevenstep RPO recently held its second annual analyst event.  In addition to analysts, advisors, vendor leadership, and key service providers, practitioners/buy-side clients also attended for the day, including Commonwealth of MA, Amazon, and CVS.  To learn what the key takaways were, including why Sevenstep RPO has a staff retention rate of 94%, see the blog post from member Gary Bragar of NelsonHall:  Click here to view the blog post

Seven Tech Trends Shaping the Talent Landscape: E-book

The shifting technology landscape impacts every industry, and new developments are already transforming talent acquisition. Chatbots have gone from an interesting novelty to a method of conducting interviews. Driverless cars once seemed improbable, but their inevitability is already building a new class of in-demand candidate. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how emerging technologies can influence the talent acquisition industry.  Candidates are more connected than ever before, and that has changed their expectations when it comes to their job search.  They expect to be able to complete the entire application process on mobile devices, and they expect it to be fast. Smart companies need to stay on top of the trends and make changes at the right time. To see and download the PDF of the seven technology trends you need to watch from PeopleScout:  View and download the full e-book here

Ceridian INSIGHTS is Vegas Strong

Ceridian recently held its annual customer forum, Ceridian INSIGHTS, in Las Vegas, where it showed its support for the victims of the recent shooting, and demonstrated its commitment to people as the mainstay of its philosophy.  Ceridian established a website at the conference where attendees were able to make donations to a victim support fund, with Ceridian making the first contribution, and attendee contributions being matched dollar-for-dollar by Ceridian partner Zappos.  At the end of the conference, it was estimated that $100,000 had been raised.  Conference attendees also had the opportunity to put together care packages and add a personal note to victims of the Puerto Rico hurricane, and an estimated 1,000 packages have been shipped as a result of the initiative.  Read the blog post here for the full story

Webinar: The E.W. Scripps Company’s Journey from Traditional to Cloud-Based Payroll: Learn from their VP, BPO Governance & HR Operations

On October 19th at 10am ET, 3 pm U.K., leading digital analyst firm NelsonHall will be holding its latest buyer intelligence group (BIG) webinar looking in detail at The E.W. Scripps Company’s journey from traditional to cloud-based payroll.  This session will provide valuable advice for HR executives who are considering or embarking upon the move to cloud-based payroll, and are interested in learning about the roadmap for doing so and the rewards that can be achieved.  The webinar will be presented by Kevin McDonald, VP, BPO governance and HR operations, and Pete Tiliakos, NelsonHall’s principal analyst, HR Outsourcing.  The E.W. Scripps Company is creating digital media brands to complement its television and radio stations.  Its digital team is building brands around how people obtain news today and is anticipating how people will get news tomorrow.  Today, Scripps owns 33 television and 41 radio stations.  In addition to the Scripps journey, NelsonHall’s Pete Tiliakos will share key findings from both client and vendor perspectives from his latest major report, ‘Targeting Cloud Based HR Services.’  The main presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.  BIG is a buy-side only community.  As always, no vendors are allowed to attend this webinar, and you can engage with your peers in privacy.  Click here to register for the webinar

Industry Press Release: Ceridian Proudly Becomes a Founding Partner of #MoveTheDial

Ceridian, a global human capital management company, has announced it will be a founding partner for #MoveTheDial, a global movement committed to raise the profile of, and create opportunities for women in the tech sector.  In addition to contributing financially, Ceridian’s senior leadership team will actively participate in the #MoveTheDial movement.  Click here to see the full press release

Industry Press Release: Ceridian Announces Dayforce Compensation Management

New compensation functionality within Dayforce HCM innovates planning, decision making, collaboration and strengthens employee retention.  Click here to see the full press release

New Book: Up is Not the Only Way - Rethinking Career Mobility

For many recruiters, retention of talent is now one of the ways their work is assessed.  Research from international best-selling author and respected HR speaker, Beverly Kaye, shows that the major reason individuals join an organization – and also the major reason they leave – is that they simply don’t see opportunities for themselves. This new book, Up Is Not the Only Way: Rethinking Career Mobility, is here to help.  See the book summary here for more | Download the first three chapters of the book here | Purchase the book here

Costly Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Bad Hires

Demand for quality candidates is higher than ever. Companies need tech geniuses, sales associates, executive leadership, marketing professionals, and employees of every other stripe, and they need them fast.  Unfilled roles mean lost profits or sagging productivity.  In that kind of talent environment, quick hiring decisions are common.  Find somebody with the right blend of skills and experience?  Hire that person!  Unfortunately, those decisions often carry a high price tag.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars drain away from companies every single year because of bad hires.  And, that’s only the beginning.  Learn how bad hires can hurt your company and what you can do to avoid them in this e-book from Hire Velocity.  See the e-book here for more

The Power of Onboarding

It takes sizable investments in staff, technology, and training to find the right people who can move your company forward.  But, what if you spend all that time and money, only to see those employees flounder unsuccessfully in their new roles—or worse, hit the trail for a different job? Learn how structured onboarding boosts productivity, performance, and retention on day one in this e-book from Hire Velocity.  See the e-book here for more

Diversity in the Workplace Infographic

The beauty of diversity is there is no one way to develop a diverse workforce. From personality types to veteran or disability status, there are many things to consider when looking to diversify your workplace.  Learn more in this infographic from member Hire Velocity.  See the infographic here for more

What to Consider When Selecting RPO

Interested in looking for an RPO provider?  RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing and is the process of a company outsourcing all or part of the recruitment process.  RPO firms can take on any aspect of the recruiting process.  To learn what you need to know when conducting your search for an RPO, check out this infographic from member Hire Velocity.  See the infographic here for more

Insights and Observations: Reflections on the Americas Relocation Policy & Strategy Summit

The past two decades have changed the way modern society communicates and how we conduct business in a global economy.  In today’s hyper-connected world, organizations have to move quickly and adapt to new trends at scale.  It is now more vital than ever for companies to have the ability to move employees or relocate to entirely new locales in a timely and efficient manner.  The world won’t wait, so it is crucial that all businesses have a strategic plan or partner to tackle this challenge when it arises.  Innovation in workforce mobility is critical to overcoming this hurdle, and Graebel is certainly one of the leaders at the forefront of this revolution.  Learn from highlights of Graebel’s 2017 summit on relocation.  Read the article here for more

Craft Your Workforce Mobility Strategy: Six Reasons to Avoid Inertia

You want to push mobility forward for your company.  But, amid significant evolutionary trends — including shorter assignments, global uncertainties, and a workforce craving international experience — where do you begin?  Our blog series, “Transformative Insight for the World Ahead,” explores emerging challenges as you strive to leverage your program as a key differentiator for people on the move.  Read the article here for more

Ramp Up Your Sourcing Technique

As the workforce has evolved, so have the hiring strategies needed to place the right people in the right positions.  Job boards and company career pages aren’t enough to get the job done anymore—not if you want to stand out from the crowd of employers competing for the most qualified candidates.  More than ever before, the war for talent is on.  And, the stakes are rising.  If you want to win, you need to understand the rules of engagement.  In this paper, we talk about sourcing, screening, and assessment best practices that will show you how to hire great people and cut recruiting waste in today’s competitive market.  Download the white paper here for more

Five Personalization Myths That Cripple Candidate Engagement

Your job as a recruiter is to cut through the visual clutter, seize the attention of your ideal candidates, and evoke a response. Personalization is the key to getting it done.  Personalizing the candidate experience means delivering uniquely-tailored content based on the interests and preferences of the people you want to reach.  It means creating human interactions rather than just impersonal processes.  And, it means taking the time to research your prospects, so you can increase the odds of capturing their attention.  Learn how to hire quality candidates faster with personalized candidate experiences.  Download the white paper here for more

Engagement Equation: Four Key Differentiators Map a Blueprint that Helps Encourage Employee Productivity and Loyalty

According to the Harvard Business Review, organizations spend over $720 million each year on employee engagement—which is projected to rise to over $1.5 billion per year—yet, employee engagement is at a record low.  Just 30 percent of employees are currently considered engaged, according to Gallup—roughly the same percentage as when the firm first started measuring the topic about 20 years ago.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Why is increasing employee engagement so difficult?  Find out now in this article from Dr. Bob Nelson.  Read the article here for more

The Shift to HR SaaS is Accelerating. Are You Ready?

For HR organizations, moving their systems to the cloud is not a question of “if” but “when.”  The upside is clear: vastly improved functionality, better data and analytics, and – perhaps most obviously – better user experience, including mobile access.  The downside? It’s there, too.  The cost of change and the lack of resources are real. But neither of these hurdles are new to HR.  Recent research from ISG Insights™ indicates that more than 50 percent of enterprises will rely on subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) and hybrid HR/HCM solutions as their primary HR system by the end of 2020.  And, more than 75 percent indicate they’ll migrate at least one major HR function to SaaS by 2019.  So, what does it take to build the business case for SaaS in HR as vendor management becomes increasingly complex?  Find out in this study.  Download the survey report here for more

Top Talent MSP: Delivering Large Enterprise Advantages to Mid-Sized Companies

If you find yourself struggling to compete for talent as a mid-sized organization, there is good news.  It is possible to apply a forward-thinking approach without the deep pockets or resources of a global enterprise.  Specifically, a total talent approach — the strategy based on integrating all talent, from employee recruitment to management of flexible workers and contingent workforce suppliers — is not only available, but often more quickly accessible to the smaller organization as compared to their larger corporate counterparts.  The improvements in speed and agility can be crucial, particularly in evolving organizations with high-growth expectations.  Download the white paper here for more

Talent Pooling in EMEA: Five Must-Know Insights for the War for Talent and Engagement

Talent matters to the success of an organisation, and talent acquisition professionals on the front lines are seeing the war for talent heating up.  That’s because the war for talent has actually become a war for engagement, and talent pooling is a crucial way to improve engagement and the candidate experience.  Today’s market requires talent acquisition professionals to build relationships with candidates far earlier in the process, so that candidates become immediately engaged and solid relationships are already in place when vacancies arise.  Engaged candidates then move on to become engaged employees, and Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) has been on the cutting edge of talent pool development for their clients across EMEA and the globe.  They have thought leaders with lots of key insights necessary to successfully create and use talent pools.  Download the white paper here for more

Social Sourcing in APAC: Ten Best Practices You Need to Know

Social sourcing means finding and attracting the best candidates using today’s social media platforms.  But, there is a vast difference between an organisation that uses social media casually and one that uses it purposefully and strategically.  Allegis Global Solutions has worked extensively with employers in APAC markets to create and implement social sourcing programmes.  These markets pose special recruitment challenges:  language and cultural differences, legal and national differences, and a wide disparity in technological literacy and sophistication. As organisations seek the best possible talent in this complex and ever-changing environment, social sourcing is emerging as a critical tool.  Discover our lessons learned from the front lines – our 10 best practices for social sourcing in APAC.  Download the white paper here for more

Secrets to Tech Recruiting in the Age of Digital Disruption

Smart businesses recognize that the digital age requires a brand-new technology strategy, and they’re clamoring for people to build the platforms, interfaces, and infrastructure to get it done. They also need experts in cloud computing, automation, data, mobility, and social technologies to remain competitive in today’s business environment.  That has enormous implications for the IT labor market and learn more in this hiring manager’s guide to the IT market.  Download the white paper here for more

Secrets to Tech Recruiting in the Age of Digital Disruption

Smart businesses recognize that the digital age requires a brand-new technology strategy, and they’re clamoring for people to build the platforms, interfaces, and infrastructure to get it done. They also need experts in cloud computing, automation, data, mobility, and social technologies to remain competitive in today’s business environment.  That has enormous implications for the IT labor market and learn more in this hiring manager’s guide to the IT market.  Download the white paper here for more

Cultivating Diversity: How to Increase Revenue, Productivity, and Employee Satisfaction with Strategic Diversity Solutions

When the subject of diversity comes up in a board meeting, the discussion usually centers on two questions: How do we get results and what is the return on investment?  We all agree that diversity is important, but what impact does it have on employee productivity, cultural engagement, and profitability?  And how can we create a diversity program that delivers high-impact results?  Download the white paper here for more

Gearing up for a Changing Workforce: A Total Talent Approach

If your organization is like most companies, you likely face significant challenges finding qualified talent with critical skills.  An inability to secure talent can delay initiatives, hinder growth, reduce the quality of products and services and create a profound drag on profitability.  One key issue is driving these challenges:  the way people work is changing.  Younger workers have new needs and values.  Older workers are retiring in large numbers, but they still want to continue to put their skills to use.  As a result, more professionals, both young and old, are embracing flexible work as a matter of choice.  They are choosing to work as contractors, contingent workers or freelancers.  Meanwhile, companies are changing more quickly with the advance of digitization and new work models.  Demand for certain skills is high, supply is limited and the resulting talent scarcity requires a new approach to securing and managing talent.  To stay competitive, many organizations will need to remove the boundaries that have traditionally separated the engagement of flexible workers and the hiring of employees.  Download the white paper here for more

The Evolving Model of MSP and Total Talent Partnership

When it comes to talent, the headlines are true:  demand is outstripping supply.  That means you have to compete for scarce skills, whether you are a global enterprise with 10,000 workers or a regional business with 500.  As a result, companies of all sizes and stages of business evolution are rethinking their approaches to acquiring critical talent — including contingent workers, freelancers,
contractors and permanent employees alike.  One strategy that is gaining attention among certain companies is a variation of the Managed Services Program (MSP).  For organizations that fit certain profiles in size, industry and internal structure, this model provides a dedicated service team, often located onsite, combined with total talent coverage that can help employers better compete in a changing talent landscape.  Download the white paper here for more

Contingent Workers, Contractors, and the Contingent Talent Brand: Five Myths that Hold Companies Back

In the context of the contingent and contractor workforce, a more accurate term for the employer brand concept is “contingent talent brand.”  Like the employer brand, the contingent talent brand embraces the fundamentals of branding best practices, but it also accounts for the unique needs of the variable workforce.  Download the white paper here for more

Master the Art of Creating a Remarkable Employee Experience

1351a9c0-ee-lp_04505p04505o000000While all businesses realize the importance of providing outstanding customer service, few of them recognize that great customer service starts with your employees.  Your employees are your most important customers.  If you treat them right, they will become your biggest advocates, and that’s what you should aim for.  By reviewing this guide you’ll learn how to create an unmatched employee experience in your organization and see which companies are leading the way in creating a great employee experience.  Download the guide here for more

Talent Acquisition: Operating Expense or Source of Revenue?

korn_ferry_blog_imageBlog post from thought leader, Scott Macfarlane:  See more here on the Korn Ferry blog

Employee Engagement vs. Business Results

Screen-Shot-2016-04-08-at-2.06.34-PM-e1460138936687When you type employee engagement (EE) in Google, in less than a second it returns over 20 million results.  Clearly it’s a widely discussed subject, and it’s been such for years. However, not much has been done to enhance it; the EE index is still poor. One of the reasons might be that companies are not convinced if boosting EE will result in improved business performance.  If you are one of the nonbelievers, then read this white paper to get rid of your doubts and join the light side of the Force.  Download the white paper here for more

The Cost of a Bad Reputation 2015


Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine, in conjunction with Cielo, announced the findings of the publication’s annual corporate reputation survey.  The findings showed that 86-percent of American females would not join a company with a bad reputation, compared to only 67-percent of American males.  For more results that impact your organization, download the full report here.

HR Technology and Service Delivery Trends in 2014


Information Services Group (ISG) conducted an Industry Trends in Human Resources Technology and Service Delivery Survey in February 2014 that explored the changing landscape of HR technology and service delivery. Download this Executive Summary Research Report here!

The Employee Well Being Study

employe study

New Research Reveals U.S. Workers Have Low Perceptions of Overall Employment Well-Being, Especially Among Minorities, the Young and Lowest Income.

While overall U.S. employment optimism increased between the third and fourth quarters of 2014, a recent survey conducted by HRO Today Magazine and sponsored by Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing found a sharp decline in overall job security, offsetting optimism about promotions, raises and trust in company leadership. The survey, titled The Employee Well Being Study, measured perceived U.S. employment security during the third and fourth quarters of 2014. Download The Employee Well Being Study.

The Cost of a Bad Reputation


Download The Cost of a Bad Reputation: The impacts of corporate reputation on talent acquisition

How to Launch a Successful Employer Brand: Building on the Practices of Top Employer Brands

howtolaunchcover The results have just been released in a report called “How to Launch a Successful Employer Brand: Building on the Practices of Top Employer Brands”, which analyzes practices that distinguish Top Employer Brands from Other Brands. Hudson RPO and HRO Today magazine surveyed 324 senior-level HR executives on employer branding strategy and practices. The results were released in July 2014 in a report called “How to Launch a Successful Employer Brand: Building on the Practices of Top Employer Brands,” which analyzes practices that distinguish Top Employer Brands from Other Brands. The report also provides practical recommendations on implementing an employer branding strategy and program to engage quality candidates and improve employee retention. Register on the right to receive your complimentary copy. Download the How to Launch a Successful Employer Brand: Building on the Practices of Top Employer Brands report

Hiring for Success: Improving organizational performance through better quality recruitment

Hudson-Research-January-9-2014-web The Hiring for Success report (co-published by Hudson RPO and the HRO Today Institute) defines quality in the workplace; the benefits of measuring quality of hire; the challenges of collecting data; and how to improve hiring processes. It also includes six strategies for improving quality of hire plus a case study demonstrating the commercial value of committing to a quality of hire program. The report findings are based on a survey of nearly 300 HR professionals worldwide. A snapshot of significant report insights include:

Counting Success: How Metrics and Measurement Correlate with Business Success


How can I help reduce unplanned attrition, improve the number of top grade performers in the business, decrease the time it takes a new hire to become productive or assist in improving the diversity of the workforce?

Find out here by downloading this ground breaking research study.