Pulse Discussions

The HRO Today Association periodically hosts “pulse discussions,” tapping into the minds of HR experts to share the latest best practices and HR approaches.

Pulse discussions:

  • Engagement Equation: Four Key Differentiators Map a Blueprint that Helps Encourage Employee Productivity and Loyalty, with Dr. Bob Nelson.  According to the Harvard Business Review, organizations spend over $720 million each year on employee engagement—which is projected to rise to over $1.5 billion per year—yet, employee engagement is at a record low.  Just 30 percent of employees are currently considered engaged, according to Gallup—roughly the same percentage as when the firm first started measuring the topic about 20 years ago.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Why is increasing employee engagement so difficult?  Find out now in this article from Dr. Bob Nelson.  Originally debuted in-person at the association’s North America board meeting on February 6, 2017, in San Diego.  To read the related article in May’s HRO Today magazine:  click here to read.

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