Meet a Member – Fun Profiles!

Our members are often traveling HR executives, so below are get-to-know-you profiles of several of our members who have shared some fun information about themselves through their preferences and experiences around travel. Enjoy!

Member:  Darren Bartholomew, Head of HR Planning and Info Systems UK, Leonardo.

Airport dress code:  Slob.

One surprising thing that I bring on board is:  Can’t say that I do!

Tried and true jet lag cure?  Stay awake onboard heading West, sleep onboard heading East.

Favorite hotel in the world?  Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay.

Best room service of my life: Luxury breakfast at Sandals.

I wish hotels would offer:  Cheaper drinks!

I hate to admit it, but I have no desire to go to:  Anywhere in Asia.

Next up on my travel itinerary is:  Florida.

Best purchased item on a business trip? Laptop bag 12 years ago – still going strong!

Longest flight delay:  12 hours, returning from Orlando on my first visit.

My craziest travel experience:  When I went to Canada and my connecting internal flight was overbooked.  We were given a refund more than the cost of the flight, as we’d booked it cheap on Expedia, were taken by luxury coach and dropped off right outside the hotel, and upgraded on the return journey as an apology.

The most famous person I have seen in an airport or airplane is:  Princess Anne’s private jet, arriving just before us at London Stansted.