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Notes from the President, Zachary Misko

TAlent acquisition: TAke note, sTArt with TA and TAckle the rest in TAndom

We talk a lot about talent acquisition at HRO Today; it tends to be a common thread for managers, service and technology providers, candidates, and, of course, HR. Really anyone over the age of 16 has a stake in the game on this topic. We’ve been hearing people say, “It’s all about the people,” or use the phrase “the candidate experience” or “employees are your biggest asset” for many, many years now. And I don’t disagree; people are at the heart of so much that is important in the world of HUMAN resources. But as processes, protocols, life, people, and technology continue to evolve business and HR, the HRO Today Association must evolve as well.

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Are you MENSA smart?

What is the four-digit number in which the first digit is one-fifth of the last, and the second and third digits are the last digit multiplied by three? (Hint: The sum of all digits is 12.) Tabitha likes cookies but not cake. She likes mutton but not lamb, and she likes okra, but not squash. Following the same rule, will she like cherries or pears?

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