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Notes From the President: Do We Need Alternative Communication Strategies?

Renee Preston – Senior Vice President of Membership Services

February 26, 2020

We live in a world where news spreads while an event is still taking place. Not only is the speed in which we receive information increasing, so are the number or messages and mediums — e-mail, text, social media, Slack, Whatsapp, etc. We’re drowning in content and attention spans are shorter than ever, yet engaged employees are key to company success. Read full letter here

How can HR leaders communicate with employees effectively while also keeping in mind that not all have e-mail? What alternative communication strategies are needed to cut through the noise? For most organizations, there is no one single solution, as we need to consider how various employees can effectively receive information.

  • Mobile phone app – can push out important notifications and keep mobile employees connected with the rest of the workforce.
  • Video content – is a great tool to share an idea, rather than a long document or process.
  • Digital Noticeboards – communicate with employees through digital screens around the office places for passive content consumption

Alternate communication strategies were discussed during a recent video conference meeting of the CHRO Today Executive Network, or C-TEN. This peer group allows top HR leaders to connect on topics that are important to them and provides an environment for shared learning where tough questions can be addressed. Members have said, “the open discussions with other HR professionals and hearing the work they are doing is where there is real value.” Plus, C-TEN supports your entire staff by offering a membership to the HRO Today Association. Upcoming meeting topics include:

  • The Role of Culture in Employer Brand
  • Why We Should Dump the Annual Survey
  • Challenge of Pay Transparency, Pay Equity, Gender Gap
  • CHRO of the Future: What Will the Function of HR in the Future Look Like?
  • Strategies for the Digital Workforce
  • Is Reskilling Workers an Essential Part of Corporate Responsibility?

If you’d like to learn more and see if C-TEN is a resource you can benefit from, please contact me directly at (215) 606 – 9562. We expect the group to reach capacity later this year.

Renee Preston – Senior Vice President of Membership Services

Executive Director of the HRO Today Association

HR Leaders Unite!

Renee Preston – Senior Vice President of Membership Services

January 29, 2020

The HRO Today Association is as committed as ever to advancing professionalism in human resources and providing professional development and networking opportunities to its members. We’ve kicked off 2020 with an impressive line-up of Livestream Sessions, which I encourage you to check out here. Industry certifications improve professionalism and provide a level of accountability of standards and ethics. The HRO Today Provider Certification Program is raising the bar for HR service delivery and developing consistent standards and practices for the industry to save time and costs, and to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Read full letter here.

HRO Today Association Awards Defined

Thought Leadership (HR Excellence) Award

This award recognizes forward thinking, innovation, and problem solving by a team or company resulting in improved customer satisfaction, better business performance, and/or an advancement for the industry.

Business Partnership Excellence

This award recognizes a partnership between service provider/consumer, teams or departments within an organization and/or collaboration across two businesses that results in a positive outcome from a business, financial and/or philanthropic standpoint. Please discuss the problem, solution, and results that transpired before/during the partnership, noting process improvements, key metrics, and customer testimonials when applicable.

Recruitment Team of the Year

This award recognizes the Recruitment (Talent Acquisition) Team of a company or department that has demonstrated significant success and/or growth in the sourcing, candidate experience, employer branding, candidate selection, interviewing, offer process and on-boarding processes for their company. Please provide key metrics and performance goals where possible.

Innovation in HR

This award recognizes a new and creative solution or product that may be considered a game-changer within the Human Resources industry. Think ‘Shark Tank ‘for HR and sell us on your latest and greatest successful solution to better manage, support, or drive a specific aspect within the HR arena.

Best In Class HR Technology

Showcase your latest technology advancement, upgrade, or unique solution that uses or enables technology to allow us to work more efficiently and successfully on an area(s) of the Human Resource function. This can be a standalone private labeled technology developed for use within your company or a new technology that you’ve taken to market for the entire industry.

Diversity and Inclusion Excellence

Now more than ever, diversity awareness and managing inclusion within a company are top of mind. What has your team/company done that stands out as a success within your office, company, and/or the industry?

HR Team of the Year

This award allows you to nominate your HR Team and share the many successes, accomplishments, and achievements you have worked hard to achieve throughout the last year. Whether focused on 1-2 strategic priorities or a myriad of improvements and enhancements throughout the last year, we want to hear your story about why YOUR Human Resources Team is number one!

Best In Class: Candidate Experience/Reputation

Are your customer satisfaction scores higher than your competitors and others in the industry? Are candidates talking about the positive experience they had applying for a job with your company, whether they got the job or not? Tell us about your good candidate experience and how it boosts your reputation and makes it easier for you to attract the best candidates. Tell us how you did it and made it right for your company and candidates.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

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Zachary MiskoGlobal Executive Director Emeritus

December 20, 2019

Last week I took a walk down memory lane and decided to revisit some of the letters from five year ago.  I thought it would be interesting to remind myself of the things that were important then, the promises I made and the initiatives that were important at that time.  Would the things said five years ago still have relevance?  Were the initiatives discussed then still a part of the association today?  Did we deliver where we hoped to?  Several talked about the association’s commitment to support and implement best practice sharing, collaboration and networking for our members.  (and they each continue to be important aspects of the associations value.  Interestingly enough, 18 months later we built a value proposition for the association that highlights 5 member benefits important to our success and basically our brand.  Ironically Best Practice Sharing and Networking are stated as 2 of the 5 and Collaboration plays an important element throughout.  The next thing that caught my attention was the launch of our Thought Leadership Councils, or TLC’s as we refer to them.  Basically these are learning sessions, and have grown from the initial standard webinar to include multiple different delivery formats for learning, best practice sharing and collaboration.  As well they provide the members/speakers who deliver them an opportunity to be recognized as thought leaders in our industry.  Thought Leadership.  That was a phrase that came up often in 2014 and is still widely referenced today. Read full letter here.