CEO’s Letter: Two Thousand Years Before Article 50

By Elliot Clark Two thousand seventy one years ago, Julius Caesar launched his first expedition to invade the British Isles. As usual, Rome was looking for hostages, tribute, and diplomatic relations with the island’s inhabitants. Rome quickly found out that the Britons were divided into tribes with fierce loyalties and deep factional dissents. Caesar may […]

Well-Being for the New Year

As 2016 begins, we at HRO Today Global Magazine look forward to the upcoming year. We hope everyone is ready to make some new resolutions about their career life and to commit to focusing on their well-being. This is my first issue as an editor of HRO Today Global Magazine, and I welcome the opportunity to learn as […]

Korn Ferry Futurestep hires Susan Raffetto as Vice President of Strategic Life Sciences Accounts – 1/14

Korn Ferry (NYSE:KFY), the preeminent global people and organizational advisory firm, today announced that Susan Raffetto has joined the Futurestep business as vice president of Strategic Life Sciences Accounts. She will be responsible for developing and overseeing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions within this key industry. “Futurestep already has a large footprint in Life Sciences […]

The New Employee Lifecycle

Bringing in talent starts at pre-hire and ends—or rather, begins all again—at rehire By Marcus Mossberger In the human capital world, organizations often look to create workforce strategies that address everything from hire to retire. It is a sentiment that is well-meaning, but one that frankly does not account for newer tools, resources, and trends […]

The MSP Lifecycle

Evolving from cost savings to true partnership.     By Matt Rivera     The use of contingent or temporary labor has varied during the past 15 years. In 2000, we saw an uptick in the use of contingent labor, driven by changes in technology. Today, we’re experiencing an unprecedented shift in the composition of […]

The Year of Mid-Market HRO: Contracting that’s Less Adversarial

As broad-scope offerings emerge and standardization becomes common, buyers and providers will find themselves on new ground as the market moves into an era of collaborative contracting. by Adam Sak, Roberto Grande Today’s HRO market offers companies of all sizes—traditional Global 1000 buyers, as well as the expansive mid-market sector—the opportunity to assess strategically how […]

Happy New Year … I Think?

Recession looms, markets tank…what does it mean for HRO initiatives? by Elliot Clark Every morning, some intrepid soul throws the Wall Street Journal on my driveway. Since January 2nd, however, it’s been landing closer to the street, as though hefting the headlines out of the window required extra strength. I’m not surprised. The worldwide markets […]

Crystal Ball, Schmall–Some HRO Predictions for the New Year

Self-preservation has HR leaders adjusting their expectations of HRO. We’ll certainly put a spin on our words if they fail to predict things to come. by Andy Teng Few things in life are more dangerous than predictions. Every time I watch one of these talking pinheads on TV making calls about the stock market, next […]

Slight Improvement in Demand Seen Next Year for HRO Market

European sector shines, while North American buyers show the least interest in BPO services. However, expect next year to bring more deals in reversal to the sluggish growth of ’06 and ’07. by Mark Hodges For the past 12 consecutive quarters, EquaTerra’s Pulse Survey—conducted among its advisors and the leading ITO and BPO providers—has provided […]

Agilent Awards ARINSO 10-year HRO Contract

ARINSO International, recently acquired by Northgate, said that it has entered into a 10-year HRO agreement with Agilent, a global leading measurement company. The deall calls for ARINSO to administer a number of key HR processes including payroll and time management for Agilent’s U.S. workforce. Financial terms were not publicly disclosed.     Following Northgate’s expanded […]