A Look Ahead—and Behind

Acquisitions, clouds, data, mobility: Your 2013 checklist.   By Madeline Laurano     Over the past year, the HR technology market was anything but predictable. With market consolidation, improved analytics, and continued innovation, both traditional providers and startups are looking to differentiate themselves and expand into new territory.   Although this dynamic market might bring […]

Technical Collage

A sector-by-sector review of tools and solutions.   By Brent Skinner    Technology touches every space of the HR outsourcing and operations industry. And who better to give inside scoop on what trends are blazing the trail for the future in every sector of HRO than the top leaders in our annual Baker’s Dozen surveys? […]

And Now It’s Time for Your Emotional Weather Report

Personality profile exams provide what they always have—and then some.     By Todd Harris   Over the last half century, much has changed—a man has landed on the moon, the Red Sox have won the World Series, and “social networking” is no longer a phrase describing cocktail hours, parties, or even a physical event. […]

Entering New Learning Frontiers

 Will the infiltration of technology-based learning techniques and social media make just-in-case approaches a thing of the past? Or are providers and buyers leveraging the best of both worlds?   By Debbie Bolla   I f you can read this, thank a teacher. It’s a phrase that suggests the very power of learning. But nowadays, […]

Leading For The Future

We recognize 20 CHROs for their pursuit to align HR strategy to business outcomes. Debbie Bolla For our third annual CHRO of the Year awards, HRO Today recognizes those CHROs with the capabilities to adapt to a competitive business environment in order to deliver the insight needed for HR transformation. We understand the importance of […]

A Blueprint for Talent

Organizations that leverage predictive analytics can pinpoint soft skills and cultural fit qualities of top performers to use for future hiring needs. By Russ Banham Predictive talent analytics is giving HR the means to recruit not just skilled workers, but the right ones, too. In the old workforce paradigm, a company determined the different skills sets it needed […]

Making an Impact

We recognize 12 CHRO of the Year finalists for their leadership, vision, and willingness to transform HR. By Debbie Bolla For our second annual CHRO of the Year awards, HRO Today is recognizing those CHROs with the capabilities to adapt to a competitive business environment in order to deliver the insight needed for HR transformation. […]

Teaching Talent

Many metrics justify calibrated training efforts. But try this one: profit.   By Rania Stewart     Today’s business environment is highly competitive as a result of macro trends such as economic pressures and opportunities, as well as technology developments and innovations. In an effort to differentiate, and create or maintain competitive advantage, business leaders […]

Out of the Ashes

Where HR services have been—and where they’re headed.     By Debbie Bolla      Looking back 10 years, strategy, expertise, and innovation weren’t major parts of HRO contracts—or even the mindsets behind them. Cost savings was top of mind, and HR executives looking to get in the game wanted a third-party provider to take […]

Standing Out From the Crowd

Five thought leaders from the HRO Today Forum  share HR insight and wisdom.   In The Wisdom of Crowds, author James Surowiecki relates a story about the famously snobby 19th Century anthropologist Francis Galton. A pioneer of surveys and statistics, Galton delighted in producing research that was designed to show the stupidity of the hoi polloi (no […]