2016 Trends In Applicant Tracking Systems

New direction: single platform for continuous recruiting By Russ Banham Yesterday’s ATS (applicant tracking system) was a great way to manage the flood of job applications that overwhelmed hiring managers in the past. By automatically filtering the submissions based on a range of candidate criteria, these applications could be handled in a streamlined and regulatory-compliant […]

Exactly What Does Quality Mean in the RPO Space?

Nine take-home findings from a WilsonHCG and HRO Today Magazine study  Ask a person on the street what quality means, you’ll get a variety of answers. Craftsmanship. Performance. Reliability. Good answers, but they beg for follow up. Ask an HR exec what RPO quality means, and you’re likely to hear about service—how well their provider […]

Sourcing’s Sweet Spot

A new report unlocks the truth behind the source of good hires.   By Thomas Boyle       Even in periods of high unemployment, companies often struggle to attract top-quality candidates in sufficient volume to fill open positions and prepare for eventual growth or changes in their business direction. Forward-looking companies are, in fact, […]

Recession or No, Here We Go

However the current state of the global market is gauged, RPO’s time has come.       By Gary Bragar    Though the global job market is slow to rebound, you might have heard that RPO has done well this year. The question I’m asked: Is it real or just hype? Friends, it is reality. […]

And Now It’s Time for Your Emotional Weather Report

Personality profile exams provide what they always have—and then some.     By Todd Harris   Over the last half century, much has changed—a man has landed on the moon, the Red Sox have won the World Series, and “social networking” is no longer a phrase describing cocktail hours, parties, or even a physical event. […]

RPO Alliance Wisdom

Sure, they might be vendors, but the words of some of the industry’s largest RPO service providers are aimed at helping buyers align their expectations with the providers’ delivery. If you’re not tired of hearing the word, partnership is indeed the best approach to a successful recruitment outsourcing program. by Anne Nimke, Jason Berkowitz The […]

All You Need to Know about Workplace Screening

Have you hired a new accountant but later realized he was counting on his fingers? Or maybe your new driver has a DWI conviction? By outsourcing workplace screening, you can easily find out how qualified a candidate really is before second-round interviews begin. by Denise Doig With improving technology and resources, workplace screening and security […]

Eye on Talent

Two tech innovators are changing the way HR can attract and reward top performers. More than Just Rewards By Marta Chmielowicz Picture this: It’s 2030, and your company is struggling to grow, not because the services you provide are unnecessary, but because you simply cannot find the right employees to fill your most important positions. […]

The Emergence of Total Workforce Solutions

Leading organizations are seeing the value of managing all of their talent with a single, integrated approach. By Debbie Bolla When it comes to hiring the best talent, Waste Management doesn’t let worker type—permanent or contingent—impact its decision. The best fit is the best fit—end of story. “We are committed to enabling Waste Management’s competitive […]