Should You Go Global with Your RPO? New Thinking Says Yes

The process itself triggers transformation—with benefits all around With Jeanne MacDonald, President, Global Talent Acquisition Solutions, Futurestep Is the time right to reconsider networks of local providers and instead contract a global RPO? For many companies with operations around the world, the answer is more and more likely to be yes. Futurestep’s Jeanne MacDonald, President, […]

Thinking Ahead, Getting Ahead

CHRO Joseph Cabral knows his biggest competition is status quo. His solution? Constant change for constant improvement. By The Editors It is somewhat surprising that one of the most successful and influential HR leaders came into the industry by what he describes as a fluke. Joseph Cabral calls himself a numbers guy with a varied […]

Spherical Thinking

Some educated guesswork about the coming year.   By Elliot Clark   You have to love the metaphor of millions watching a Waterford Crystal ball descending a modern day obelisk counting down to a New Year. Most in the crowd were thinking 2009 would never end. Here was the moment at hand, and, voila, the […]

To ERP Or Not To ERP, Part II: Thinking Talent Management

Choosing the right path to enable strategic HRM is fraught with difficult choices, but the rewards of a properly designed and well-deployed process can hold great rewards. by Naomi Lee Bloom One of the great debates in HR circles is over what is strategic (i.e., talent management) and what is merely administrative with respect to […]

Could HRO Backslide Even When Customers Are Happy?

Continuous improvement is a must for outsourcing to maintain momentum in the marketplace. by Paul Davies Here’s a potential trend the industry should be thinking about: backsliding. How many adopters of HRO together with its surrogates—shared services and off-shoring—have begun to wonder whether they did the right thing or that when it comes to renewal […]

When to Think Governance

In this month’s column, we delve deeper into what it takes to adequately address governance. by Marianne Bays HRO governance is defined as the means by which buyers and service providers mutually assure that expected value is actually attained from outsourcing. Our question for this month is: At what point in the HR outsourcing life […]

Checking for the Future

Background screens are providing organizations with the tools to hire the best candidates for the job. By Christa Elliott Once the applications are in and the pool of prospective  has been narrowed, HR departments rely heavily on background screening to look for red flags
in their top candidates’ pasts. But today, a number of factors, including […]

The Rise of Robotics

Find out how RPA and AI will potentially impact the workforce and how to make the most of these tools By Brad Peterson By offering the prospect of better service quality at a faster rate and lower cost, robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) promise to radically transform human resources and services. So […]

Attention to Retail

Take a closer look at how Shop Direct revamped its recognition strategy during a big transition. By Christa Elliott Today, Shop Direct is a multi-brand, online retailer serving the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company’s 4,700 on and offline employees successfully ship more than 50 million products every year, but its digital success was a […]