Two is Better From One

How Bank of America Merchant Services manages its permanent and contingent workforce from a single provider.   By Gary Bragar     There is an increasing trend by buyers to seek vendors that are able to provide blended workforce services that include recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) for hiring permanent employees and managed services programs (MSP) […]

Job Board Stiff?

Why the ballyhooed dotcom platform is far from extinct.   By Brent Skinner    Listen to the hype market-wide, and job board technology might seem quaint. It might seem a relic from the dotcom days, when the market for talent went gaga over what today feels like a one-dimensional online experience. As boards and nothing […]

Job Quake

A temblor, a tsunami, and a stressed-out generation of first-time job seekers.     By Hitoshi Suzuki   If Japan’s college seniors in 2010 felt the job market was bad (only 62.5 percent had job offers as of October 2010, 7.4 percent fewer than the previous year), this year’s crop is sure to be feeling […]