Showing Appreciation Strategically

Rewards and incentives are proven to increase employee retention and productivity. Here’s how. By Audrey Roth In today’s global market, engagement and retention of employees is more important than ever. What are organizations doing to help drive this? Leveraging recognition and incentive programs. According to Globoforce’s Workforce Mood Tracker Report, 80 percent of workers who […]

Hidden Talent Patterns

A new book shares 14 benefits you can gain from analyzing social recognition data. By Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine We are in the early stages of a pervasive technological movement grouped under the umbrella term big data. Huge sets of data are examined by powerful analytic tools at unimaginable speeds to generate insights about […]

A Win-Win

Linking wellness programs with recognition and incentives can boost employee engagement as well as drive benefits costs down. By Cord Himelstein As companies increase their focus on employee health and wellness programs as a way to help minimize healthcare costs and boost employee engagement, wellness initiatives are being closely tied to workplace recognition programs. Linking […]

Get Moving

5 ways to help your employees get active and increase overall wellness By Christopher D. Clark Workplace wellness has never been more prevalent than it is today. It’s top-of-mind for varying organizations, and there are plenty of ways to take action. As a healthcare organization, this is a front on which our organizations should take […]

Editor’s Note: Share the Love

Editor’s Note: Share the Love By Debbie Bolla There are few things more satisfying at work than when someone tells you that you’ve done a great job. A manager, a peer—whomever it comes from, it can often make your day. We recently conducted a readers’ survey—thanks to all who participated—and I was pleased to see […]

The Secret Sauce

Recognition may be the answer to your engagement and retention challenges. By Debbie Bolla Today’s recognition programs have quite a heavy load to carry on their shoulders. Organizations expect them to increase loyalty, productivity, and retention. And when executed properly, they are doing just that. Globoforce’s 2014 Workforce Mood Tracker survey found that 51 percent […]

Betting on Tech

Betting on Tech   Our annual TekTonic awards recognize innovation in human capital management. Here are the finalists.   By The Editors   More and more heads of HR are betting on technology to elevate their people management processes. Our annual TekTonic awards recognize the platforms with incredible impact. We have finalists in all facets […]

A Shift for AMN – 11/22

The healthcare workforce solution offerings of AMN Healthcare Services Inc. (AMN) gained an advantageous addition this week. AMN expanded its services with the acquisition of ShiftWise, a national provider of web-based healthcare workforce solutions. This acquisition includes ShiftWise’s vendor management system (VMS) and technologies which help manage internal float pool resources, contingent staffing vendors, time […]

Mobile Tag

In this game, your employees’ expenses are it.   By Brent Skinner   The process around employee expenses can be the squishy middle of human capital management. Loose receipts, confusion, even slush funds and fibbing—the unavoidable and undesirable practices are many that organizations employ and put up with to track, reimburse, and report employee expenses. […]

The Search for Meaning

How employers can keep their most talented employees through the power of appreciation.   By Derek Irvine       Did you know that more than one in five working Americans do not feel valued by their employers? And, according to a recent study from the American Psychological Association (APA), half of those workers intend […]