The Big Picture

Data that captures an employee’s entire lifecycle creates total visibility, diverse talent pools, and a stronger workforce. By Jayson Saba A tedious job application process—for instance, one that allows candidates to upload a resume file but also requires them to enter the same information manually—is not doing organizations any good. Or a human capital management […]

Going All In

MGM bets its recognition program on a tech-driven approach—and is winning. By Debbie Bolla In the high stakes business of gaming and hospitality, for MGM Resorts International, one gamble that isn’t worth the risk is its workforce. The multi-resort empire understands that in the highly competitive guest services industry, an organization is only as successful […]

Measuring Mobility

The value of global relocation assignments can be a complicated calculation. By Audrey Roth Relocation assignments are on the rise with 50 percent of multinational companies expected to increase the number of employees they transfer during the next two years, according to the 2014 Trends in Global Relocation: Global Mobility Policy and Practices survey from […]

Get With The Program

The adoption of mobile recruiting practices has been slower than predicted, but it’s time to move at technology’s pace. Here’s how. By Audrey Roth In today’s technology driven age, organizations 
need to stay one step ahead in order to maintain a competitive edge in recruiting. Within the last few years, there has been a deluge […]

Wearing Wellness

How wearable devices can impact both employee health and the bottom line. By Nate Walkingshaw It’s no secret that wearable technology has become a hot trend in the recent years. Devices that track health and fitness range from simple pedometers to wristbands and necklace pendants that monitor the amount of calories burned and record movement […]

In The Know

Why an employee referral program may be the answer to your recruiting and retention problems.   By Cari Turley     The right people can make or break a company. That’s great news for the self-employed, but unless you have a workforce of one, staffing is a major, perpetual concern. Sad but true, your employees […]

Getting Aligned

Twelve trends show that workforce dynamics are shifting.   By Rachel Permuth   What’s driving efficiency, development, and satisfaction in the workplace? Sodexo’s 2013 Workplace Trends Report offers a unique perspective on what is essential to organizations to help them be productive and grow.     We surveyed top practitioners in human capital solutions, information […]

Cashing Out

It’s complex—but outsourcing providers are here to help.   By Jeff Miller     Recently we’ve seen such auto industry giants as GM and Ford make headlines with their lump-sum pension-plan cash-out programs, and it’s likely that many more organizations with well-funded defined benefit (DB) plans will choose to reduce their pension risk by offering […]

Out of the Ashes

Where HR services have been—and where they’re headed.     By Debbie Bolla      Looking back 10 years, strategy, expertise, and innovation weren’t major parts of HRO contracts—or even the mindsets behind them. Cost savings was top of mind, and HR executives looking to get in the game wanted a third-party provider to take […]

MSP Rising

Domain experts from the hottest area in HR services explore its promises and pitfalls.     By Drew Dix    Today’s leading providers of managed service programs (MSP) face an array of new challenges as their profession evolves. An increasing number of firms are using many types of human capital outside fulltime workforces that presently […]