A Moving Experience

Global Mobility Professional’s Lessons Learned By Benjamin D. Ivory My wife and I relocated to Prague in December 2012. I am what I call a late-bloomer expatriate. Over my 40-year career in the relocation industry, I have traveled extensively, but this was my first experience living and working outside of the United States. When the […]

Transferee Technology

Mobile apps deliver all the essentials—and much more—right in the palm of your hand.   By Russ Banham     Few career demands are as financially and emotionally taxing as relocation, one of the most stressful transitions for employees to undergo. For their employers, the process is also demanding, given the complex array of relocation […]

Taking the Pulse

Our checkup reveals RPO continues to deliver a steady beat of value.   By Russ Banham       Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) no longer is the new kid on the block or simply a way to fill positions, reduce time-to-hire, and cut costs. In this protracted period of unemployment in the United States and […]

All Abroad

Making international mobility work in the current global economy.   By Katie Kuehner-Hebert    The economic downturn in the U.S. and Europe put a dent in the international relocation assignments of many companies, though a fair amount are now recovering—or even expanding—their programs. Still, most companies with global operations have streamlined their relocation strategies to […]

The HR Operator

  From banking to media, Kevin McDonald has become a master of organizational button-pushing.     By Katie Kuehner-Hebert     Kevin McDonald likes operational efficiency so much that he’s making a career out of it. He started out as a clerk manually filing employee records, then became a specialist who migrated manual processes onto […]

HROT Celebrity Interview: Geraldine Ferraro

Decades before Geena Davis played Commander-In-Chief on TV, Geraldine Ferraro almost became the real thing. She has been a VP candidate, talk show TV star on CNN’s “Crossfire,” district attorney, school teacher, Congresswoman, U.N. representative, grandmother, cancer survivor, and now an international management consultant. In our 2nd annual interview with her, Ferraro weighs in on […]