Completing the Talent and HRO Formula

Consider a ‘Periodic Table of Talent’ as a roadmap for strategizing your future talent plans. by Jeff Schwartz, Michael Stephan, Brian Noble The people challenges facing organizations and HR executives are growing as business markets are increasingly turbulent. Conditions in the global financial system add to a talent crisis that is already underway as baby […]

Running HR as a Business

Julie Sharp of Bank of Ireland discusses mastering challenges in the financial sector and how the bank’s journey to success has depended on its people. By the Editors Julie Sharp, head of human resources at the Bank of Ireland, believes that in order to be truly effective, HR needs to add value by operating commercially- […]

Changing Tides

As the market matures and becomes more competitive, RPO buyers are seeking industry-specific solutions. By Avinish Mittal and Rajesh Ranjan Everest Group’s latest RPO Annual Report reveals that the market is maturing. In fact, the 22 leading RPO service providers that Everest Group covers in its research have amassed quite a large portfolio. The group has more […]

Eye on 8

A recent-study reports these talent strategies are big-time differentiators   By The Editors   What gives an organization a competitive advantage? Findings from Cielo’s Talent Activation Index (TAI) study may surprise you. The 2014 research study examined eight talent strategies where the difference in approaches between the highest-performing organizations (leaders) and the poorest- performing organizations […]

No Silver Bullet

Recruiting in the ether requires patience and planning.   By Matt Charney   There’s no doubt that when it comes to recruiting and 
hiring, social media long ago moved from the margins to the mainstream. The exponential increase in employer adoption has become a big business in its own right, with a rapidly growing ecosystem […]

Wake-Up Call

The time for outsourcing to move from tactical to strategic is now. So why isn’t it happening? By Jill Goldstein       With the development of new tools and capabilities in talent management, the practice of HR outsourcing has made
significant advancements in its ability to deliver business value and strategic impact from its inception […]

Balancing Cost With Value

Sophisticated buyers seek both when outsourcing payroll.   By Linda Merritt     Payroll is such a well-accepted mainstay of HR outsourcing that it’s nice to see its steady growth year after year, according to the 2013 NelsonHall Targeting Payroll BPO market analysis.   Over time, payroll outsourcing has grown, evolved, and increased in strategic […]

Forecast 2012

HR experts offer their opinions.   By Russ Banham   In a year marked by increasing economic, social, and political volatility across much of the planet, major trends in HR outsourcing give hope that the industry is maturing while remaining flexible enough to adapt to a changing marketplace.     Key acquisitions and strategic partnerships […]

High-Value Hiring

 What drives RPO in a recession? Scalability, flexibility, and quality of candidates.   By Katie Kuehner-Hebert     The use of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) by many industry sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and infrastructure equipment manufacturers has rebounded fairly well since the start of the recession. So say several RPO providers, who have the […]

The Rise of Blended RPO

By Rajesh Ranjan and Sayan Chatterjee    Today’s hyper-competitive business environment is driving a very different war for talent that demands not only the best permanent hires but also superior contingent workers. In order to capture the value proposition of total talent acquisition, an increasing number of organizations are evaluating an integrated outsourcing model called […]