Get With The Program

The adoption of mobile recruiting practices has been slower than predicted, but it’s time to move at technology’s pace. Here’s how. By Audrey Roth In today’s technology driven age, organizations 
need to stay one step ahead in order to maintain a competitive edge in recruiting. Within the last few years, there has been a deluge […]

Y Not?

The tales of intergenerational differences in employment attitude are spot on. Except when they aren’t.     By Brent Skinner     People try to put them down, just because they get around—around the Internet and the job market, that is. That’s the fable of Millenials, and as with most fabulous beliefs, it has some […]

ATS 2.0

Technology is pushing the market forward to offer recruiters the much sought after competitive advantage.     By Kyle Lagunas       Technology is driving a massive wave of change in the recruiting industry. Companies looking for a competitive edge in talent acquisition are rethinking their strategies. As a result, the
role of recruiters is […]