Obstacle Course

Are the hoops that employers have to jump through to screen via social media channels worth it? Yes and no.     By Russ Banham     Three major technological forces are changing the ways in which companies conduct business and run their operations—social media, mobility, and cloud-based hosted systems. Mash them together, as IDC […]

ADP Launches Year-End Connection

Advanced Year-End Payroll and Tax Tools Available at Newly Redesigned ADP.com   What:              With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the time for employers to begin compiling financial records, verifying withholdings, and ensuring W-2 data is accurate.     To help master the challenge, ADP created Year-End Connection, a microsite providing practical tools […]

Leading Woman-Owned U.S. Workforce Solutions Provider Rebrands as “Broadleaf”

Formerly known as Superior Workforce Solutions, company expands national service portfolio, while offering innovative business improvement consulting under refreshed identity WILLIAMSVILLE, NEW YORK–  Superior Workforce Solutions—a nationally-leading, woman-owned member of Superior Group and premier provider of workforce solutions for over 50 years—announced that it has rebranded as Broadleaf Results, Inc. This strategic evolution of company […]

Overcoming Immigration Uncertainties

HR should consider four approaches to help navigate the ever-changing immigration regulations. By Tim O’Shea Immigration is one of the most complicated and important issues that HR professionals face today. An intricate lattice of social, political, religious, and economic forces collide to create ebbs and flows in immigration, as well as country-specific policies. Each day, […]

Eye on Talent

Two tech innovators are changing the way HR can attract and reward top performers. More than Just Rewards By Marta Chmielowicz Picture this: It’s 2030, and your company is struggling to grow, not because the services you provide are unnecessary, but because you simply cannot find the right employees to fill your most important positions. […]

Interview Overdose

It’s a candidate’s market and time to rethink how to vet talent. By Astrid Burr Time to hire has always been a key metric in assessing how well talent organizations are meeting their hiring targets. It’s also important to business stakeholders who depend on high performers to keep their departments productive. But Glassdoor Economic Research […]

Come and Stay Awhile

Carefully planning the candidate experience—from recruitment through onboarding—can lead to better hires and higher retention. By Darren Findley and Tom Brennan Talent acquisition professionals are paying more and more attention to the candidate experience, and for good reason. Findings from Engage2Excel’s new research report 2017 Trendicators underscore the importance of a positive candidate experience in […]

Halfway There

I write this month’s article on a plane heading to London for the HRO Today Services and Technology Association EMEA board meeting. As usual, I people watch when I travel; I’m always curious to see how people interact, respond to situations, and behave. Maybe it’s the HR person in me, or maybe I’m just curious. […]

Forget Full Time

An examination of the growing use of freelance talent in the APAC region. By The Editors Recent research from HRO Today and Allegis Global Solutions found that the use of freelancers in the APAC region is growing rapidly, with 45 per cent of respondents anticipating the use of freelancers will increase in the next 24 […]