Press Releases

HRO Today Announces Finalists of 2017 Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Awards April 24, 2017 – Philadelphia, PA – For the second straight year, HRO Today is recognizing the continued importance of talent acquisition with its 2017 Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Awards. This year’s finalists include a group of 22 talent acquisition […]

CEO’s Letter: The Best Opinion Money Can Buy

Why the RPO Baker’s Dozen is different from many of the other ratings providers tout in presentations Each month, we receive a significant number of communications from providers and analyst firms that announce a listing or ranking of services. Some have wordy explanations; some are very pretty with multicolored interlocking circles; and some have quadrant […]

92 Different Recycling Policies

PwC’s pioneering CR officer gets granular.     By The Editors   Shannon Schuyler aspires to a job without a future. Despite the marketplace being filled with downsizing, displacement, and distrust, the Corporate Responsibility leader of the Americas at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), feels that her ultimate success will only occur when she is told that her […]

Don’t Be Antisocial (with Social Media, That Is)

 It’s not just a way to attract great talent, social networking technology can help create the brand buzz your organization is seeking.   By Sue Marks and Laurie Ruettimann       Time spent on social networking sites is up 93 percent. Consumers trust real friends and virtual strangers the most. Companies are discovering hidden […]

CEO’s Corner: RPO Market Outlook: Boom Not Doom

A letter from HRO Today CEO. by Elliot Clark Markets talk in all kinds of way. As we all know, markets are composed of two groups: buyers and sellers. We almost always hear from sellers. They issue press releases, post advertising, and have robust web sites. Buyers are more subtle. We need to analyze trends […]

Leveraging a Captive Model: Lessons Learned from Exult

Captive centers have their own advantages over outsourcing. Just be mindful of the work involved before you begin working with a real estate agent in Mumbai. by Atul Vashistha Last issue, I wrote about the third phase in the globalization lifecycle: the sourcing phase. Specifically, I talked about one model: sourcing to a third-party provider. […]

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics: How Research is Manipulated

Trust but verify HRM BPO market research data. The devil, as the saying goes, is in the details of the study. by Naomi Lee Bloom As HRM BPO heated up as a concept and a market, there’s been a rush of market research activity. In addition to a growing pool of buyers trying to figure […]

Top Payroll Deals of 2005

A broader adoption of multi-tower deals means payroll is often rolled up in full-service outsourcing agreements. by Andy Teng Outsourcing payroll just isn’t what it used to be. Although industry estimates indicate that fewer than 50 percent of all companies outsource payroll (the universe includes millions of small businesses), the number of standalone payroll deals […]

Joining the Team – 2/5

New addition to Global Executive Team for Cielo The new year isn’t the only change for global RPO provider Cielo (formerly Pinstripe & Ochre House), as it was announced on February 5 that Seb O’Connell will be joining Cielo’s Global Executive Team as Managing Director of Europe. O’Connell has contributed to the success of Cielo […]