A Prescription For Training

Specific development paths help employees attain new skills and avoid the lowest common denominator.   By Kevin Hegebarth     It’s the day many new employees wait for—the first day of a new and exciting job, and they can’t wait to get going. They’ve successfully navigated the maze of multiple interviews, run the gauntlet of […]

Checking for the Future

Background screens are providing organizations with the tools to hire the best candidates for the job. By Christa Elliott Once the applications are in and the pool of prospective  has been narrowed, HR departments rely heavily on background screening to look for red flags
in their top candidates’ pasts. But today, a number of factors, including […]

Predictive Planning

With today’s limited talent pool, organizations need to leverage strategic workforce planning to stay ahead. RPO can help. By Russ Banham The winds of economic opportunity are blowing, whipping up growth prospects in diverse industries. During this period of breakneck business opportunities, HR is increasingly turning to their RPO partners for more strategic assistance. Providers […]

Making an Impact

We recognize 12 CHRO of the Year finalists for their leadership, vision, and willingness to transform HR. By Debbie Bolla For our second annual CHRO of the Year awards, HRO Today is recognizing those CHROs with the capabilities to adapt to a competitive business environment in order to deliver the insight needed for HR transformation. […]

The Ailing Healthcare Workforce

It’s time to focus on the staffs that will care for patients in the new era.     By Ralph Henderson     Healthcare reform, the biggest transformation in that sector in our nation’s history, is fundamentally a workforce-related initiative. Yet you don’t hear much very much about the healthcare workforce in the national debate […]

Obvious and Oblivious

“You can be a millionaire—and never pay taxes! You can be a millionaire—and never pay taxes!”     Some of you might remember this old bit from Steve Martin on Saturday Night Live. With his trademark, over-the-top emoting, Martin would repeat the line with an almost incantatory fervor.     “You can be a millionaire—and […]

Tailoring Transformation

Building diverse learning paths for your workforce is the most sustainable means of ensuring true change.     By Lisa Maxwell     Even in a sluggish economy, investments in human capital through employee programs are on the rise, and organizations with strong employee development initiatives are positioned to gain a critical competitive edge.  In […]

Getting to the Point: Selecting a Single-service Outsourcing Vendor

Although less complex than end-to-end enterprise HRO deals, contracting a point solution provider still requires due diligence, structured governance, and a clear understanding of the need to outsource. by Jolie Newman The outsourcing of HR services runs the gamut, from end-to-end, comprehensive solutions that can replace an entire HR department to finely honed point solutions […]