Mobile Rising

More and more organizations are getting in the game of mobile recruiting. Advice on how to do it right. By Ward Christman With 77 percent of the workforce open to seeking better job opportunities according to CareerBuilder’s 2013 Candidate Behavior Study, it’s no wonder that companies are positioning themselves with as many as outlets as […]

Real-Time Rewards

How today’s technology is reinventing the way companies show appreciation. By Audrey Roth Ninety percent of adult Americans have mobile devices, and 58 percent of them are smartphones. Truth be told, this accessibility means a plethora of advantages to everyday life: You can check your email, pay your credit bill, and play Angry Birds, all […]

Screening 2.0

Technology is helping to elevate the verification process. By Russ Banham   Frito-Lay’s respective founders didn’t need to conduct employment background checks when each launched the companies that would eventually merge to become Frito-Lay in 1961. Charles Doolin was Frito’s sole employee when he began selling corn chips from the back of his Model T […]

New Workforce, New Tools

Screening is no longer a rote funciton—it’s strategic.   By Madeline Laurano     Background screening is a critical component of any talent acquisition strategy. Without a standard and efficient approach to compiling and authenticating candidate information, organizations will lose their best talent and become vulnerable to risk and compliance issues. Yet, according to Aberdeen’s […]

Fueling Hiring Success

Peoples Natural Gas sees myriad benefits with a new ATS.   By Colin Day      Talent acquisition software, once considered the purview of large corporations, is catching on with small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). More and more SMBs are beginning to take advantage of HR technologies that allow them to work smarter—not harder—for top […]

Risky Business

You might be socially discriminating—and not even know it.   By Jessica Miller-Merrell     Companies are using social media as part of their recruiting, candidate selection process, and everyday business operations. With more than 88 billion Google searches conducted monthly, chances are that your HR team, recruiters, or managers are searching the interwebs as […]

The Gathering Storm of Social Network Litigation

How your workforce might just tweet you straight into the courtroom.     By Tom McNichol   In today’s always connected world, what does it take to lose a job? How about: 140 characters or fewer?   Just ask Connor Riley, a 22-year-old graduate of the University of California at Berkeley. After completing her master’s […]

Real Virtual Moves

How employees are tweeting themselves into new neighborhoods.   By Carolyn White     Corporations—and their employees—are using social networking platforms to interact with other organizations, individuals, and brands. Social media has the power to revolutionize the way information is disseminated and absorbed, and many of the ways that business is conducted could be changed […]

Automating Global Recognition

Chemical giant utilizes Globoforce for worldwide employee incentive and recognition. by Barrie Locke, Ripple Effect Communications Dow Chemical, a $40 billion leader in the chemical, plastic, and agricultural products industries, has long valued employee recognition as a critical component of HR. It runs hundreds of different recognition programs across the world, but company leaders had […]